Findings chapter of Consultancy report

A.Members’ Loyalty Variation It s not clear what percentage of members that heard about the institute while in college remain as members five years after however, the findings suggest that the members that have remained loyal to the institution for a period exceeding five years are more satisfied as compared to younger members. They account […]

SLP Healthcare Delivery System in the US

The US is one of the countries that offer good health services. The government has continued to enact regulations that ensure that every citizen has access to quality healthcare services. The previous administration came up with a health care program, the Obamacare which was a remedy to the low-income earners. Today, the country reports the […]

Methodology of Synthesize

Introduction The literature summarizes and synthesizes the literature in the fields of areca plant made products as alternative for plastic made products for daily needs. It examines what has been published in reducing the use of plastic and alternative natural resources.  It goes on to examine the literature in the areas of eradicating plastics and […]