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The Army Values and Resilience

In this essay, I am going to reflect on the importance of being Resilient in the Army and a servant leader. The information that I have learned at this Basic Leadership Course (BLC) and my own personal experiences continue to set me up for success. The environment the Army has been in for many years […]

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Army Values and its Functions

The Army apply different old and new strategies to form hierarchy. There are strict rules, policies and regulations for the Army and its officers. Customs and Courtesies are significant to manage army and its functions. Army established 7 core values, that every soldier need to obey then during and off duty. The standard of military […]

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U.S. Army Infrastructure

Policy efficiency is tied to an effective use of the public monies. To determine if a program or policy is effective is important that public administration be able to evaluate these programs or policies. In an essay format answer, you are to discuss the following: First, what are the roles of the OMB and the […]

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Attitude and Core Value Army Insights

As indicated by the McGraw-Hill Connect Assessment, there are numerous dimensions of organizational and personal behaviors that are assessed dependent on a series of survey questions. These questions are defined to react to the different types of qualities and personal characteristics. Learning from this experience in taking the surveys with allow me to become a […]

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Global Combat Support System for Army Values

The Global Combat Support System is a web-based automated logistics system used by the U.S Army. This system will help aid the commanders as they plan, provide for, the material requirements for combat support. Global Combat Support System will meet the Soldier’s needs for responsive support at the right place and time. It will improve […]

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Soldiers have Needs and Values

How to be the change that your unit needs. Toxic leadership has become an acceptable norm in today’s culture. We need a change of culture in leadership. Many people have lost hope in their leadership, doubting that their leadership has their best interest in mind. This is also a problem in the Army, the leadership […]

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Aid-out Rules and Values of the Military

The Noncommissioned officer 2020 strategy is a strategy that provides the vision and the guidance needed by the NCOs to prepare themselves regarding the challenges of the uncertain future. The strategy is significantly important in providing ways that will provide tools to help the development of all NCOs. US Army leads the training and doctrine […]

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The Government and the Army

The purpose of this essay is to expose contemporary challenges facing the operations of the Army. The Army handles protecting civilians from any situation that would lead to catastrophic consequences for example protection from acts of war or terror attacks. Although this does not always mean civilians will always be safe and protected wherever they […]

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Effects of Joining the Army

Even with the U.S. Army being established on June 14, 1775, many Americans are unaware that the U.S. Army is the oldest, most traditional branch of the military. The Army more to offer the young men and women of society now than it did Two Hundred and Forty-Four years ago. As a recruiter it is […]

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The Pinkerton Army Values

As the Industrial Revolution gained momentum in the United States, factory workers became disgruntled with the poor treatment they were receiving by their employers. The factories were unsafe, wages were cut, and the standard of living plummeted as machines and profit took priority over people at the workplace. Workers joined together in an attempt to […]

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Army Values and Servant Leadership

My Army Career started as a junior in High School in 1983 till 1989, with the Field Artillery out of Glasgow Ky. In the ‘80s SHARP programs were not present and harassment on Military installations and off post were very high. At that time, it was “A man’s Army” and many jokes about gays and […]

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A Direct Antithesis of the Army Values

Cases of sexual harassment and assault exist in today’s Army despite serious efforts to end them. All Soldiers attend in-person briefs and take online classes about the Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Program (SHARP). In spite of this, cases continue to appear throughout the Army and have increased over the last few years. It is […]

Pages: 2 Words: 600 Topics: Army Values, Conflicts, World History

Growing Army Professionals Closing the Values Gap

A soldier is a steward of their profession. It is their responsibility to maintain the trust of their fellow soldiers, become an expert in their MOS and soldiering skills, while maintaining honorable service, and how the army values help us become stewards of our profession. They should be examples to soldiers and the epitome of […]

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Following Instructions in the Army

Leadership is not only a quality that is taught, but one vital to the Army’s mission. The Army consists of a multitude of skillsets, all serving one purpose: The Nations interest. Leadership is expected of us to serve those interests with tact, expertise, and effectiveness. Despite position, soldiers are expected to carry out missions with […]

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Professional Soldier

Established January 13, 1998 the seven Army Values were placed to described and put into to perspective just what being a soldier is all about. They are the morals of the entire United States Army and to go against them is like braking the law. The Army values is what separates us men and woman […]

Pages: 3 Words: 773 Topics: Army Values, Leadership, Military
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