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A Growing Popularity of Drones

Who wouldn’t want a drone for Christmas? Answer: Anyone who does not already have one. This group includes law enforcement. In 1946, the United States military used the word drone to describe an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It had a two-fold meaning. First, drone was an Old English term meaning male bee and secondly, a monotonous, […]

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My Attitude to Drones Technology

Drones Drones which are remote controlled flying robotic devices have been better developed through time and they are still being developed. Drones which are being developed by the military tremendously the military has added infrared into drones. Drones are used as the 24 hour eye in the sky for the military. This is a better […]

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The Ethics of Remote Assassination by Autonomous Military Drones

In recent years, there have been impressive technological advancements of military drones; however, as the number of and usage of drones increases, and the levels of autonomy elevate, so too do public concerns regarding the ethics and morality of unmanned drone strikes. Many of the most commonly articulated ethical concerns stem from confusion and uncertainty […]

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Package Delivery by Drones

Package Delivery by Drones Abstract Drone technologies have been operated by the military for the past few decades and have now made their way into the consumer market. As a result, consumers can use drones not only for entertainment purposes but also for solutions to real word problems, one being package delivery. Drone package delivery […]

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The Effective Usage of Drones

The Effective Usage of Drones         Drones have skyrocketed with variety of ways to use them. Drones Are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that does not need a pilot present in order to fly.  Drones are heavily used in Military advantages such as security, surveillance, and detection. Drones can be used in business for numerous reasons […]

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Use of Drones: should it be Regulated?

The use of drones does need to be regulated. There is a possible chance that people will abuse the opportunities drones supply. Drones have cameras, and with them being more accessible, owners could abuse it in violating the privacy of others. Spying is a big reason why drones should be regulated. If criminals decide to […]

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Should Drones be Used in War?

Should Drones Be Used in War? As the times change, the laws of war have to change with it in order to protect as many lives as possible.  As technology becomes more advanced and the weapons people use become deadlier, such as drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more people have questions as to whether […]

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The Power of Drones Description

 If you had the military technology to eliminate a threat in a foreign country, how would you do it without costing innocent people their lives? Some may say bombs are the solution, others say a military stealth mission involving soldiers, but these answers are not the best solutions. The solution is drones, or unmanned aerial […]

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Have UAVs Simply Become a Game of Drones

A drone operator receives the order to fire at a house, where a terrorist is suspected to be hiding in. Safely in a control room miles away, he presses a button to fix the target and then fires the missile. There is no sign of anyone. A countdown of 10 seconds starts, signaling the time […]

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Drones in Criminal Justice System

Law enforcement officer’s main objectives are to deter crime in the most non-violent way possible, but more recently their objective has been more evidently to calm the situation and bring the perpetrator in at all costs. Militarism is an ideology focused on the best means to solve the problem (Kraska 503). Sometimes however, the best […]

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Drones and AI for Crime Control

 Drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will undoubtedly figure into crime prevention and crime control. Drones and AI are the up and coming new technology that government officials have put into use for military tactics, and are even beginning to be implemented into police department tactical use for domestic security. As technology advances, so does the […]

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Drones: a Noble Gift to Society

DRONES: A Noble Gift to Society Acknowledgment I heartily acknowledge Mrs. Pushpa T.S, Assistant professor of MCA Department, for providing us with this opportunity and for supporting throughout my Endeavour. I take this opportunity to express gratitude to my course instructor, Mrs. Pushpa T.S who has always been supportive and has guided us throughout. She […]

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Drones and its Impact

The idea of utilizing unmanned lethal technology in warfare has been heavily debated for a number of reasons. As the newest way of fighting, drone warfare currently has little legal restrictions that dictate what a government can or cannot order their soldiers to do (Thompson). One of the most prominent debates revolves around the psychological […]

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Drones and its Effect on the Society

Abstract The purpose of this document is to research on drones and its effect on the society. Drone is one of the major benefits to the smart city such as providing wireless access to mobile hotspots, contributing to safe infrastructure maintenance, helping save lives, and surveying the damage of natural disasters. There are also negative […]

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Agricultural Drones and its Possibilities

I have had an interest in aerospace and drones for a while now, upon hearing that there are drones specifically made and engineered for Ag and field use, i was incredibly intrigued. There are UAVs (Unmanned aerial Vehicle) specifically made for observation with thermal and 4k cameras attached, some even with an oculus rift compatibility, […]

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How Drones Improves Law Enforcement Performance

The implementation of new drone technology are being used to assess the crime situations in several ways. Not only it helps the law enforcement solve the cases faster, it collects all the data from aerial that is useful for preventing the crimes and assisting with the public service. As I mentioned previously that the drones […]

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The Laws of Using Drones in Hong Kong

Firstly, flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) may cause invasion of privacy due to loopholes in the laws. According to our survey, over half of respondents think that drones have negative impacts on them and more than eighty percent of them are concerned about infringement of personal privacy, because drones with cameras and sensors can gather […]

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Information Privacy and its Importance

Topic: Information privacy and its importance Specific Purpose: What are drones? How are they used domestically? Why does the general public fear them? Introduction Attention Getter: Today the government is spying on Americans in ways the founders of our country never could have imagined. The FBI, federal intelligence agencies, the military, state and local police, […]

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Drones and its Classification and Applications

Drones are classified based on their size. The flying features entail distance from the stock transmitter and altitude. It can be established that the larger the aircraft, the higher-quality features it has regarding both the distance and the altitude. There are three different types of drones. Fixed-wing drones consist of a rigid wing which generates […]

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Use of Drones in Agriculture

Drones, more scientifically known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have been around for ages, but are just starting to become beneficially used in the agricultural business. Farmers can get a bird’s eye view of their land, animals, and crops just by flying drones at low altitudes. I believe that drones can be extremely beneficial to […]

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Are Drones Domestically Used a Breach of Privacy

Picture that you are perched on your patio enjoying a beautiful day, and a drone passes overhead. It lingers. The camera adjusts and looks directly at you. Then it flies out. You are left questioning who is running it and why they would fly it over your house. If those pictures or footage from the […]

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