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Road Rage is a Major Problem

Have you ever been on the road and had someone fly bye you yelling and cursing because you were driving too slow? Well that could be people with road rage, road rage can be caused by people who drive slow or incorrect to make people angry or violent. Road rage is a major problem in […]

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Car Accidents:Road Rage.

In 2009, an estimated 56% of fatal car accidents involved aggressive driving. (Goodwin et al., 2015, p.158). Numerous psychological studies have been performed in order to determine the causes of road rage. We will be looking at road rage from several different schools of thought: social-cognitive, behavioral, and psychoanalytic. Using the social cognitive theory we […]

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The Negative Outcomes of Road Rage

In our current generation, automobile transportation has increased dramatically since the last decade due to the demands of society as well as the influence of social media and commercials. From young adolescents to elders, there are many different types of drivers in specific situations. However, road transportation becomes a problem when there is an impatient […]

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Aggressive Driving:Rode Rage

People these days can only handle so much until they’ve had enough, even patient ones. There’s always something going on in a person’s life where there in a hurry, or late for work, and they need to be at a certain place at a certain time. It all just varies in reasons and every person […]

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