A Major Issue of Public Policy: Unemployment

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A major issue in today’s society is unemployment. Over time, the issue of unemployment has become a larger problem. Today, it is extremely difficult for anyone to find a job. The unemployment issue is due to a long-term decline in demand which leads to a decrease in jobs which leads to an increase in unemployment. The unemployment rate is slowly on the rise. Unemployment leads to poverty and due to unemployment more people are ending up homeless and on the streets because they aren’t bringing in enough money to pay housing costs and other bills. Advocates of supply-side policies believe that those policies can be fixed or attempted to be fixed by making the labor market to help bring people out of unemployment as well as poverty

Those who will support this policy would be the workers and the working class because they need jobs in order to make a living. Workers need a job in order to begin making money to use in order to buy groceries, pay for necessities, as well as pay their bills. Managers would also being impacted positively because they will have more employees which will let them ensure that the business runs efficiently. However, if unemployment continues to increase, families will not be able to make enough money to make a living and meet their financial necessities, obligations, and goals. There are many benefits to this which include companies having enough employees to run efficiently and make business boom as well as workers being able to make money to provide or their families. I support this because I feel that unemployment is a very big issue in society today and that something needs to be done to decrease the unemployment rates so people are making money that they can live off of. When comparing the costs and benefits of being unemployed, realistically there are plenty more costs. Living unemployed and relying on welfare honestly has to be a very miserable way to live and will only provide you with enough to just barely be able to support yourself. Having a job allows people to work hard to achieve their goals and work for what they want as well as have a more comfortable living situation.

I would strongly support and recommend this policy for various reasons. Although many countries provide financial assistance through social welfare, people should still look for jobs because the goal of the program is to reduce short term hardships and give them more time to search for jobs. It is not meant for people to be living off of long-term for the rest of their lives, although people are having great difficulties finding jobs today they should still continue the search. 

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