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Employment Status Report

Goals and Philosophy There are a few short-term goals that can be completed within these last few months of the year. One of them is to keep my work schedule and school schedule in balance. So, time management is a very important goal for the next two months of the school semester. Another short-term goal […]

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Overview of Supported Employment

Supported employment is a model of vocational rehabilitation that helps consumers with developmental disabilities, serious mental illness, or other significant disabilities get placed in jobs that they want to pursue (Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, 2018; Moll, Huff, & Detwiler, 2003 as cited in Brown & Stoffel, 2011; SAMHSA, 2009). This model […]

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Contrast and Compare the Union Membership of Employment Relations in the UK and the USA

Introduction According to Rose (2004), the study of the regulation of the utilization relationship between employer and worker, each collectively and separately, and therefore the determination of substantive and procedural problems at industrial, organisation and working place levels. Concerns about how work and employment relationships are regulated, experienced and contested (Williams 2013) can help people […]

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Good Behavior: The History and Employment of Applied Behavioral Analysis

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a developmental disorder that affects behavior, communication, cognition, emotional intelligence, and sensory stimulation. Although one can be diagnosed with Autism at any age, it is considered a developmental disorder because symptoms generally appear and are diagnosed within in the first two years of life (National Institute of Mental Health, […]

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Framework for and Ideal Reentry Employment Program to Reduce Recidivism

Over 600,000 inmates are released each year, with over two-thirds of them being arrested again in the first three years of their release and almost four out of five of them being rearrested within the first five years of release (Durose et al., 2014; “Roadmap to Reentry,” 2017). In an age of mass-incarceration and high […]

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Industry and Employment Law in the UAE

TABLE OF CONTENT Executive Summary The UAE keeps up a position as the significant exchange and venture center point for a huge geographic district, which incorporates the Middle East and North Africa, as well as South Asia, Central Asia, and Sub Saharan Africa. The nation positioned nineteenth in the World Economic Forum’s 2013 2014 Global […]

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Employment Law

Employment law Contents Introduction Internal labor organization The Ministry of Labor To who does the law applied? The employment contract The features of a limited or a fixed term contract: The contents of an unlimited term contract: Information that are significant in an employment contract Probation Periods Wages Disciplinary Code Termination of contract End of […]

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Case Notes Employment Law

  Case Notes Nicholas Sheridan – Ref NS1 Background I had a meeting today with Nicolas Sheridan Tuesday the 5th of October 2013. Nicholas is in full time permanent employment with Home Securities. He made an appointment today in relation to concerns he has about his job security with his employer “Home Securities”. Nicolas talked […]

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Business and Employment Law

End of Chapter Questions – Business and Employment Law Week One Page 32, question 5: Is the hospital correct? What additional information might you wish to know to answer this question? The classification of an employee and independent contractor is brought up in the case of Wojewski versus Rapid City Regional Hospital Inc. (Bennett-Alexander & […]

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The Effect of Global Value Chains on Employment in China’s Manufacturing Sector

What is the impact of Global Value Chains on manufacturing sector jobs in China? The 21st century has been characterized largely by the adoption of trade-led development strategies. The gains of globalization and trade openness are gradually phasing out rigid protectionism. Today, capital can be invested anywhere, using labor and raw materials outsourced from anywhere, […]

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Vocational Education for Vulnerable Young People Employment and Empowerment in the Cambodian Urban

This research methodology is precise and promised on purposive in sampling (Yin 2003) or what has approach, an equal insight into the phenomenon, and analytic generalisation and this better theorising to the issue of and employment in urban combodia will be provided by this methodology which will help to select some cases which are responsible […]

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Pre-Employment Screening

The 1968 report presented by National Advisory Commission, on Civil Disorders during the summer of 1967, to the president of the United States highlighted the existence of individuals within the police department whose actions exhibited prejudice. The commission faulted the evaluation procedure for law enforcement candidates only required their knowledge of grammar and mathematics. Therefore, […]

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Employment in Post-Conflict Situations

A. Background The average age of all people involved in war, or conflict like situations is 18+ years, while in some countries, younger than 12. This has major impacts on employment in post-conflict situations as these are prime times in ones educational career. 1 If people are forced to fight and therefore hinder there opportunity […]

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The Impact of Multiple Sclerosis on Employment

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (as cited in Bishop & Rumrill, 2015) states that the debilitating disease of multiple sclerosis (MS) impacts 2.3 million individuals around the world. This particular disease is considered chronic and typically worsens in severity over time, leading to an array of diverse symptoms that primarily diminish physical and cognitive abilities […]

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My Plans After Graduation

After graduating from one of the top 10 high schools in China, I was successfully enrolled into the Darla Moore business School of USC. The school was ranked number one in the international business program in the U.S. Although I spent more time on study due to the language and culture barriers, I came to […]

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Employment Law and Unfair Dismissal

INTRODUCTION In this case between Tara Quinn and her employer Park publications Ltd, Tara is considering resigning and claiming constructive dismissal on the grounds that she believes she is being unfairly treated because she refuses to make changes to her employment contract after they took over the company twelve months before. She recently received a […]

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