Unemployment and Crime Problems

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Crime is a global problem, which has negative effects on the economy of every nation by destabilizing the peace and stability of the country. Crime is a threat to life and property, thereby impacting directly and indirectly on the victims of crime and criminal offenders if was caught. Apart from these effects, crime also creates unpleasant emotion caused by potential victims. In the last few decades, the economics of crime has become a major area of scholarly investigation for sustainable economic growth. As the international organization perception is eyed towards the post-2015 development plan, the link between violence, for instance, development, security within the scope of the rule of law, is a relevant factor to be investigated. Since its significance goes beyond the loss of an individualr's life and can cause unpleasant emotion and doubt, violent crime is a menace to the inhabitant (UNODC, 2013). Criminal activities are the socioeconomic phenomenon that has been confronting most of the countries of the world that yield a huge profit that required to be reinvested for economic growth and development of a nation (Detteto & Pulina, 2010). Various measures and plans for all categories of violent crime is strongly related to socio-economic determinants and weak governance, poor rule of law, unemployment, income inequality, rapid social change, and less educational opportunities. An instance of risk elements such as access to firearms and other weapons and higher alcohol toxication is also strongly related to many categories of violence. Together these elements cause a social climate to contribute to violence, and in the absence of efforts to address the issues, sustained violence prevention gains are difficult to achieve. Any measure and plans on violence prevention strategy must, therefore, identify ways to reduce against these dangers. (World Health Organization (WHO), 2014). This study use income inequality, unemployment, rule of law and educational attainment. However, this study does not use the access to firearms and alcohol intoxication due to the lack of data availability. Crime can give a much negative effect on investment which can be justified by the action that criminal activity deterred development, entrepreneurial activity, and new businesses, besides, decreasing the local and national government expenditures in both developed and developing countries (Detteto and Pulina, 2010)
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