Impacts Unemployment on the Health and Wellbeing of People

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The unemployed person will be thinking of all the problems proceeding no regular incomes. The victim is most likely to be isolated from the surrounding people and community, creating a lesser chance of seeking help and assistance from others. Mental health also leads to depression. Upon all the thinking and worrying, such feelings can create the inability to be at peace or comfort. All these gradually builds up and eventually leads to bad eating habits, drug abuse, and alcohol addicts. Psychologically, it may affect the victim by reducing their thinking ability. Relating to that, he or she can suffer from psychosis which is a major destruction to the persons intellect. On the other end, the negative impacts of unemployment outweigh the positives. The importance of positives impacts of unemployment can influences the good health and wellbeing of an unemployed person logically if the person takes it positively. When a person is unemployed or jobless, he or she will not be rushing to work early in the morning to keep up with traffic as usual but taking long hours of good sleep and body rest satisfyingly. Also able to reduced workload concerns. Moreover, the unemployed person can have managed to spend quality time with family and friends. All these can create space to be on alert and attentive to needs of kids in school, neighbors, and relatives. In this way, that person is increasing the social aspect of his or her life. Furthermore, unemployment also gives enough time to get involved in several activities, for instance, sports, and part taking in exercise to reduced obesity and promote the health, physical fitness and well- being. In spite of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined ?being healthy as, not just the absence of disease but also relates to the social, spiritual and mental dimensions of life. Therefore, when all these are in place, there is a bigger chance of improving health. (Burdo 2018). The result of unemployment clearly locates the importance of education by providing the ability for an unemployed person to successfully navigate for the future re-employment market. In this way, it can be much easier to minimize the time and effort that required to look for a new job. In other ways, the higher levels of education increase the probability of an unemployed person to secure a desirable job that can fix every needs for particular household and partly including community prior to satisfied income. With that understanding, the benefits of higher levels of education can be argued by some workers who categorizes under the higher skills or at top hierarchy regarding the dynamic perspective that the more position pursued by this category reduce downwards price pressure which enabling the lowering of wages while the low skilled job is taking the opposite direction. The concept could be classified as the positive impact of unemployment if chose to consider education as a disadvantage of unemployment. From the economic perspective, increase in the unemployment rate has certain advantages and disadvantages approach that is also affecting the economic growth of a country, which greatly contributes to the positive and negative impacts of health and wellbeing of people. The economic advantages during the event of being unemployed include; reduction of environmental damage, limiting the working pressure calmingly and reducing the power for the demand for higher wages and salaries. Besides, still in the critical stage and misery of unemployment, disadvantages emerged collectively such as; loss of potential output and waste of resources, lower degree in the growth of economic, deteriorate the finance of the government, creating financial problem in homes and business and increase the rate of divorce, crime, health problems morbidity and mortality. Today's generation depends entirely on their economy, therefore, health and economics are related. Focusing on the discussion of unemployment, it is still an adverse circumstance. This situation has been addressed in complex views and different opinions resulted in both, good or bad outcomes. Purposely, this article illustrated the idea of positive and negative impacts on the health and wellbeing of an unemployed person, without being biased. As stated, unemployment can be categorized, differentiated and sorted out but the outcome of economic decline remains the same. However, unemployment remains one of the major ongoing problems in the world today and is yet to be solved. For clear understanding, let us take a look at the interrelationship between the worlds unemployment statistics and health statistics. International Labor Organization World Employment Social Outlook, Trends 2018 stated that there has been an increase in the economic growth. From 3.2 percent which was hitting the last six years to 3.6 percent in 2017. This, however, is the outcome of development and economic expansion relationship between developed countries and other economic activities.
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