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Entrepreneurs are Born as Talent Opportunists Business Essay

The entrepreneur plays an important role in the development of economic nowadays, in recent 21st century, where the competitive market is so tough. They are highlighted as the person making the opportunity becomes the profit, who starts the own business and be their own boss (Stephen, 2007). People spend millions in business training course to […]

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Men as Sucess Objects and Woman as Sex Objects

Response to Simon Davis’ “Men as Success Objects and Woman as Sex Objects: A Study of Personal Advertisement I really enjoyed this reading because it just made me think of “stereotypes” as a whole in the perspective that maybe all stereotypes come some sort of truth. I mean we all would like to think we […]

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Summary of Research Article

Summary of Granta article The news of Russian Prime minister Vladimir Putin giving out information about the absence of his soldiers in Ukraine introduces this article. Although the Russian soldiers were openly seen in Russia, the Prime Minister denials the truth honestly. Also, Donald Trump, current president of United States testifies to the Muslim community […]

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Conflict of Interest between President Trump and Businessman Trump

Today when we hear the term politics or a politician what comes into our mind is favoritism, back-stabbing, self-promotion, and self-interest at its worst. However, politics will always be part of us in life both nationally and in our organizations where we probably work in, therefore, if we go on avoiding and ignoring it will […]

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Racism in Social Media

The ADL defines Racism as the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one […]

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How Donald Trump’s English Brought Ridiculous Success

Over the years, Donald Trump has surely proven himself to be different. Ever since the beginning of his presidential campaign, he has made countless controversial comments to the public, supported by his impulsive vocabulary. Many consider it to be irrational, while others find it to be rather bold. Despite some of Trump’s outrageous statements, however, […]

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Trump Versus Hawaii

It was a situation when the US supreme court including presentational decree that was marked by President Donald Trump. He confined the movements in the United States by the general population from a few countries and asylums without legitimate travel reports. Hawaii and alternate expresses that had a similar test of the Proclamation. On the […]

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President Donald Trump on Immigration

INTRODUCTION I. GAIN ATTENTION: What makes America great? Is it our ideals of freedom, equality, and self-government? Is it our fast-evolving technology or military? Or is it in the foundational principles we teach our children in school and at home? Our values, beliefs, or cultural diversity and the openly encouraged ideas of individualism and self-expression? […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1546 Topics: Citizenship, Cultural Diversity, Donald Trump, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Nationalism, United States

Has Trump been a Beneficial President?

Wildly unpopular, President Trump went from Hollywood sensation and business tycoon to the 45th president of the United States of America. While many would debate his crass nature, it is difficult to deny the multitude of accomplishments he has achieved in the past two years. One of the largest accomplishments under the Trump Administration has […]

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President Donald Trump

He went from businessman to modern-day Hitler. Trump has many corruptions, fraud, obstruction of justice, and broken campaign promises. Trump, for example, has a conflict of interest in his business models and institutions are facing scrutiny from members of Congress because of his Pro Russian and Ties to countries with authoritarian policies. He doesn’t have […]

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Will Trump’s Steel Tariffs Save Manufacturing Jobs in the US?

Introduction anders nennen: US-American President Trump imposed tariffs on steel for several different countries in early 2018. This is a decision that comes with many consequences for all involved parties. During the presidential elections in 2016, Trump promised to save manufacturing jobs in the US once he gets elected, and it is controversial whether tariffs […]

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Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump

With nominating so many people who are anti-LGBTQ, he can’t possibly expect no one to notice that his promise of protecting the community isn’t being kept (although most didn’t expect much from this promise to begin with). In some ways, Bolsonaro seems to be more truthful about his views on gay people than Trump is. […]

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The Presidency Trouble with Trump’s Ideology

The streets are flooded with masses of signs that read we care and stop the hate each held up high by children, adults, men, and women of all races. These are citizens that stand chanting by one another pleading for the U.S. to step out of the ignorance that the country has fallen into. At […]

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Donald Trump’s Use of Uncivil Discourse through Twitter

Along with a changing society comes changes in communication. The age of television is segueing to the age of social media with the rise of platforms such as Twitter. No longer are the thoughts and ideas conveyed being guided, regulated or fact-checked by any overseeing organization or body, and nor is there any delay between […]

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The Election Trouble with Trump’s Ideology

Streets are being flooded by masses of signs that read we care and stop the hate that are being held up high by children, adults, men, and women of all races. These are citizens that stand chanting by one another pleading for the U.S. to step away from the ignorance that the country has fallen […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1031 Topics: Donald Trump, Injustice, Prejudice And Discrimination, Social Issues

Bolsonaro and Trump Far-Right Populist Demagogues

In today’s world, Trump’s face is plastered all over global news for his questionable views and inflammatory remarks. From his past statements, whether they were sexist or racist, to his far-right views, many have considered Trump to be a very controversial and polarizing leader, which can be very problematic. Trump’s approval ratings, in general, have […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2262 Topics: Cuba, Donald Trump, Racism, Sexism, Social Issues

Is Donald Trump Becoming a Great Presidnet?

Fake news has shown clips to make Donald Trump look like an awful president but in reality, he has done some great things during his presidency. Donald Trump is becoming a great president because of his accomplishment during his presidency, by helping the economy, to putting pressure on North Korea to denuclearize. Trump during his […]

Pages: 2 Words: 608 Topics: Donald Trump, Government, North Korea, United States

Trump and the Rise to his Three Technology Strategies

Introduction This research project will show how Twitter, and the rise of technology shaped the past political election of 2016 more than any other campaign tactic to date. The purpose of the study is to show how Donald Trump succeeded in the 2016 campaign, and the study will show the three ways he did it. […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2810 Topics: Donald Trump, Fake News, Hillary Clinton, Mass Media, News Media, Research, Social Media

The Economic Impacts of Trump’s Tariffs

And so it began, on November 21, 2016, Trump introduced a “putting America first”, campaign saying he would proceed with “fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores.” Three days after becoming being sworn in as president, Donald Trump kept his word and withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership saying that […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2271 Topics: Donald Trump, Economy, Free Trade, International Trade, Trade, World Economy

The Impact of Trump Tariffs

In 2018, the President of the United States Donald Trump decided to make some changes to our trade policies. The United States has always been one of the biggest trade partners in the world. As far as anyone can remember we have been trading goods with other countries. Our biggest trade partner for years has […]

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President of the United States of America – Donald Trump

High unemployment, Americans feeling they have been put second to non-citizens, and the strong message of American Nationalism through the Make American Great Again slogan, won the vote of many Americans who had distain from the Obama Administration. His victory stunned scholars and political analysts. From the moment he rode down the escalator in June […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1166 Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Donald Trump, Government, Hillary Clinton, Outsourcing, United States

Trump and his Pro-Taiwan Position

In the United States, Donald Trump assumed the office with a vision of changing the current Washington, and “Making America Great Again.” Clearly, Trump took office with a different style of leadership from Obama. His platform discussed fairer trade agreements, less external interference, and sturdier borders. In addition, he viewed globalization as a system that […]

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President Donald Trump’s Border Wall: Great or Waste?

Although many were shocked when current President Donald Trump announced his initial running for presidency, and the nation was astonished by his winning of the race, what took more people by surprise was his first plan of action: building a wall between the U.S. and Mexican border. This oath has turned into the main argument […]

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Effects of Immigration under Trump Administration

One of Trump’s central campaign promises was to reduce the rate of immigration as his way of promoting America’s security and secure jobs for its citizen. True to his pledge, Trump administration has made a significant effort both through executive orders and rhetoric to cut down on the number of immigrants entering America. Trump war […]

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Obamacare Vs. Trumpcare

Should Americans have to pay for health insurance? If you are a young adult in today’s day and age the first thought that would come to mind would be to say yes. By saying yes you are standing for the Affordable Care Act aka, Obamacare; which includes a requirement called the individual mandate. This is […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1268 Topics: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Economy, Government, Health Care, Health Insurance

Trump’s Idea of Imposing Tariffs

The Trump Administration has decided to impose tariffs on washing machines produced by foreign companies. Government Officials advocate for these tariffs for two reasons: the tariffs will protect local manufacturers and stimulate growth of local industry. The tariffs have positive and negative economic consequences that extend beyond the realms of the United States. The report […]

Pages: 3 Words: 963 Topics: Competition, Donald Trump, Economic Growth, Employment, Free Market, Free Trade, Market, Protectionism

Trump’s Tariffs and Trade War

My team will be reporting on the trade war between Trump and China with the impact of tariffs and the new beginning of a cold war. I will be covering the impact of the tariff’s and how they will greatly impact China’s economy, people and its power in the market world negatively because the United […]

Pages: 2 Words: 714 Topics: China, Donald Trump, Economy, International Trade, Macroeconomics, World Economy

Good Luck Trump and Friends

In light of the Cohen plea deal and the Manafort conviction, President Trump is in a precarious spot. Or is he? Better yet, is Trump closer to being impeached or are we just grasping at straws? Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, and Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, have made headlines across the nation […]

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March for our Lives Versus Trump’s America

March For Our Lives was founded in a living room and by teenagers coping with the trauma of a mass shooting. They created a movement to literally fight for young people’s lives by bringing them together and preaching the importance of voting. After dealing with tragedy, most people take their grief and deal with it […]

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Trump’s Policies and its Effects on the American Economy

When it comes to lowering corporate taxes, the argument is that if large corporations are able to make more profits, they will be able to expand, therefore provide more jobs, raise wages. It is said that they will put the surplus back into their business. The problem with this clear enough. Neoclassism says it is […]

Pages: 2 Words: 643 Topics: Capitalism, Corporation, Democracy, Donald Trump, Republican Party, Social Class, Tax
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Essay About Donald Trump

As a leader, I would prefer Donald Trump as a perfect leader. He has some negatives but they in the end are covered by positives. His decision-making skills can be seen from the tax-cutting act which he signed to deduct the corporate tax and personal tax. He increased the limit of the child tax credit for benefiting United States children. He knows of the youth would be in a good direction, the country will automatically show positive growth. Trump also signed the order in which there was a stunning increase in import tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, with exemptions for Canada, Mexico. When there is a press conference or when the public listens to him it can be seen clearly that he is working as conservative and knows which decision is best for the country with less loss.

Many peoples are goal-driven they tend to take big decisions for themselves and society and end up paying for it but in the case of Trump, it was different. He took big decisions and was able to succeed in those decisions. Those big decisions not even helped the country also helped him to gain power and votes by winning the heart of its people. he thinks like having a clear vision for the goals is much needed for big goals.

Trump is seen as arrogant and rudimentary in behavior but he is the best leader in the world and has followers all over the world. He is enough confident to take decisions on time. He is doesn’t want to see something happening wrong in his country which is the quality of a political leader and also his first duty towards the country. He is passionate about the love for his country and this also motivates the rest of the residents of the country.

There were many illegal immigrants residing in the country which slow the pace of the country and it leads to a negative growth rate. Trump made it hard for the illegal immigrants and made the new rules and regulations which were hard on them and they left the country. Many of the peoples were coming illegally to the country by jumping from the borders for a better income but trump wants the bright side of immigrants and in a legal way.

He initiated the zero-tolerance policy of immigration which was related to the separating of minor children at the border. He helped those children by giving them space in shelters but this policy doesn’t last long and children got reunited with their families. He clearly states that everything is his country and it is the top priority of him. Even on international affairs, he wants his country on top. He doesn’t want to show other countries down. He is spending more on the defense of his country. They believe in attacking back for the attack.

The United States which has a big and powerful economy in the world needs a leader like Donald trump who is always ready to take decisions on time with consulting with his coordinates. Great leaders are always surrounded by strong team members. With their mutual consideration of the positives and negatives aspects and telling about the outcomes, they make rules and regulations for the country. He is a perfect leader because it is hard to govern the most powerful country of the world and also he leader have to make an influential decision which is going to affect the country and foreign countries also.