Donald Trump Essays

Essay About Donald Trump

As a leader, I would prefer Donald Trump as a perfect leader. He has some negatives but they in the end are covered by positives. His decision-making skills can be seen from the tax-cutting act which he signed to deduct the corporate tax and personal tax. He increased the limit of the child tax credit for benefiting United States children. He knows of the youth would be in a good direction, the country will automatically show positive growth. Trump also signed the order in which there was a stunning increase in import tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, with exemptions for Canada, Mexico. When there is a press conference or when the public listens to him it can be seen clearly that he is working as conservative and knows which decision is best for the country with less loss.

Many peoples are goal-driven they tend to take big decisions for themselves and society and end up paying for it but in the case of Trump, it was different. He took big decisions and was able to succeed in those decisions. Those big decisions not even helped the country also helped him to gain power and votes by winning the heart of its people. he thinks like having a clear vision for the goals is much needed for big goals.

Trump is seen as arrogant and rudimentary in behavior but he is the best leader in the world and has followers all over the world. He is enough confident to take decisions on time. He is doesn’t want to see something happening wrong in his country which is the quality of a political leader and also his first duty towards the country. He is passionate about the love for his country and this also motivates the rest of the residents of the country.

There were many illegal immigrants residing in the country which slow the pace of the country and it leads to a negative growth rate. Trump made it hard for the illegal immigrants and made the new rules and regulations which were hard on them and they left the country. Many of the peoples were coming illegally to the country by jumping from the borders for a better income but trump wants the bright side of immigrants and in a legal way.

He initiated the zero-tolerance policy of immigration which was related to the separating of minor children at the border. He helped those children by giving them space in shelters but this policy doesn’t last long and children got reunited with their families. He clearly states that everything is his country and it is the top priority of him. Even on international affairs, he wants his country on top. He doesn’t want to show other countries down. He is spending more on the defense of his country. They believe in attacking back for the attack.

The United States which has a big and powerful economy in the world needs a leader like Donald trump who is always ready to take decisions on time with consulting with his coordinates. Great leaders are always surrounded by strong team members. With their mutual consideration of the positives and negatives aspects and telling about the outcomes, they make rules and regulations for the country. He is a perfect leader because it is hard to govern the most powerful country of the world and also he leader have to make an influential decision which is going to affect the country and foreign countries also. 

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