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Internship Report the National Bank of Macedonia

Introduction My internship was performed in the Republic of Macedonia, more exactly, at its National Bank. This institution is the one that deals with the macroeconomic policies applicable in the country. These policies allow a stable and long term economic development of one country. I opted for Macedonia because it is the country of my […]

Pages: 36 Words: 10743 Topics: Bank, Geothermal Energy, Macroeconomics, Mining, Money, Natural Gas, Renewable Energy

Keeping up the Basics Economics Level

a)Unemployment An economic condition marked by the fact that individuals actively seeking jobs remain unhired. Unemployment is expressed as a percentage of the total available work force. The level of unemployment varies with economic conditions and other circumstances. Unemployment is defined as by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as people who do not have […]

Pages: 45 Words: 13476 Topics: Economy, Macroeconomics, Tax, Unemployment
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EMU SGP Rules | Economics Dissertations

To what extent is the EMU hampered by inflexible SGP rules 1.0 Introduction: The Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) The Stability and Growth Pact is designed to ensure sound public finances and acts as a pre-requisite in achieving long term economic growth. This economic growth can only be achieved through sound monetary and fiscal policies. […]

Pages: 19 Words: 5730 Topics: Economy, European Union, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Unemployment

Entrepreneurs of Small Enterprises in the UK

Liquidity problem is an important strategic issue to run business enterprises. Small enterprises are realising the importance of such problems to reduce losses arises from this. Liquidity problems arise from shortage of working capital that require to maintain daily operations of the enterprise. If this problem persists for long-time, entrepreneurs are bound to stop their […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1913 Topics: Bank, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Macroeconomics, Research, Small Business

Exchange Rate and Inflation in Pakistan Economy

Inflation & exchange rate are two main factors of macro-economics. Inflation is an increase in the level of prices of goods & services in an economy by the passage of time. Exchange rate is very important factor in economic which impact imports & exports of country. A country does not always want the exchange rate […]

Pages: 18 Words: 5427 Topics: Economy, Fiscal Policy, Interest, Macroeconomics, Market, Monetary Policy, Supply And Demand

Foreign Direct Investment Relationship with Malaysian Economic Growth

Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION This study will give us an opportunity to identify the determinants of FDI that develops economic growth, to understand the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) in enhancing the economic growth in Malaysia, and also the relationship between (FDI) and the economic growth in Malaysia. In this chapter of study, the main […]

Pages: 13 Words: 3751 Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Macroeconomics, Research

Impact of Age on Economic Growth

1.0 LITERATURE REVIEW People today, live longer and often healthier lives owing to advances in various areas. It is a challenge to maintain and plan longer lives. Societal ageing hampers economic growth and issues such as sustainability of families, the states and communities’ capacity to provide for older people. A quick look at the recent […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3552 Topics: Ageing, Economic Growth, Macroeconomics, Retirement, Saving, Tax, Wealth

Inflation Rate and Gdp Growth of Pakistan

CHAPTER 1: The topic of this research is relationship between inflation rate and GDP growth of Pakistan. Nowadays in Pakistan inflation rate is high, when inflation crosses logical limits, it has negative effects on GDP growth. It drops the value of money, resulting in uncertainty of the value of profit & loss of borrowers, lenders, […]

Pages: 22 Words: 6509 Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Interest, Macroeconomics

Monetary Authority and the Natural Fiscal Authorities

INTRODUCTION Fiscal policy refers the setting of the level of government spending and taxation by the government policy makers. It is the combination of taxes and public expenditure to help dampen the swing of the business cycle and contribute to the maintenance of a growing high-employment economy free from high or volatile inflation. In the […]

Pages: 13 Words: 3783 Topics: Budget, Economic Growth, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Poverty, Tax

The Economic Governance for Crisis Prevention

TABLE OF CONTENT Pages 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Background 3.0 Statement of the Problem 3 4.0 Research Questions 4 5.0 Research Objectives 4 6.0 Significance of the Study 5 7.0 Literature Review 5 7.1 Definition and indicators of governance 6 7.1.1 Broad definition of governance 7.1.2 Governance from economic perspective 7.2 Governance relationship with development and […]

Pages: 22 Words: 6602 Topics: Data Analysis, Economic Growth, Economy, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Market Economy, Research

Abstract (Brief Summary of Research Project)

High prices of oil and steady resource depletion have raised international concerns for energy supply security. Thriving exploration is a significant factor and activity for future oil production. The global economy is currently experiencing high level of international business forces acting upon its stableness. International oil prices relation to international crisis is an essential element […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6210 Topics: Economic Growth, Fiscal Policy, International Business, Macroeconomics, Market, Natural Gas, Opec

The Theory Part

Executive Summary Introduction There was a recession in United States in the late 2008 which carried away in the 2009 as well making an impact on the entire world. The inflation rate soared high with all the things expensive around the corner. A person’s earning power and purchasing power, everything reduced and in fact in […]

Pages: 39 Words: 11667 Topics: Demand, Economic Growth, Economy, Macroeconomics, Outsourcing, Stock Market, Unemployment

World Economic Growth

World economic growth 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 World Economic Outlook: According to the World Bank, world economic growth accelerated sharply in 2004. In aggregate, the year 2004 has been the healthiest year for developing countries since the last three decades. East Asian countries have come out of the 1997 crisis and are now performing well. The […]

Pages: 24 Words: 7107 Topics: Debt, Economic Growth, Economy, Investment, Macroeconomics, Unemployment


Introduction However, due to the US housing credit crunch and turbulence in financial markets all over the world immediately took into effect and global economic growth slowed towards the end of the year (O’Brien et al., 2007). Given this basic premise of the current financial crisis, this literature review will be guided by exploring studies […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4625 Topics: Bank, Fiscal Policy, Interest, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Money, Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Determining the Profitability of a Financial Institution

CHAPTER 1 Rapid changes in financial service industries make it essential to determine the profitability of financial institution. Banks plays a key role in financial market of a country and for this it’s very important to evaluate that bank operate in efficient manner also what are the factors which affect the profitability of banks. A […]

Pages: 23 Words: 6807 Topics: Bank, Data Analysis, Economic Growth, Interest, Macroeconomics, Risk, Stock Market

Development of Government Bond Market in Nigeria

CHAPTER 1 Background Finance plays an increasingly important role in economic growth and development of nations around the world. These roles are in many different forms, they include but not limited to channelling savings towards investment. The level of sophistication of a financial system is important and to a large extent determines the overall level […]

Pages: 22 Words: 6621 Topics: Bank, Debt, Fiscal Policy, Interest, Investment, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy

The Effect of Macroeconomic on Stock Return

This research paper is conducted to measure and analyze the effect of macroeconomic on stock return of industrial product sector as compared to performance of Kuala Lumpur Composite Index. Several variables will be used to identify the relationship between the dependant variable which are three pre-specified macroeconomic variables the term structure of recession, interest rate, […]

Pages: 16 Words: 4699 Topics: Data Analysis, Foreign Exchange Market, Interest, Investment, Macroeconomics, Research, Stock Market

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Global Economy

CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Foreign Direct Investment (henceforth FDI) is one of the most important integral parts of todays highly talked about global economy. The enormous growth of FDI towards developing countries over the past few decades has ignited a huge interest from researchers in both economics and finance fields. A number of studies […]

Pages: 39 Words: 11675 Topics: Economic Growth, Employment, Macroeconomics, Market, Research, South Africa, Tax

Impact of Credit Crisis on International Business

Impact of Credit Crisis on International Business This paper tries to study the impact of credit crisis on international business. The relation between international business and financial crisis is two sided i.e. both the phenomena impact each other, The financial crisis of this scale could not have been a possibility if economies had not been […]

Pages: 13 Words: 3753 Topics: Bank, Great Depression, International Business, Investment, Macroeconomics, Stock Market, World Economy

Investigation of the Financial Performance of Maybank

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Production or gain from a financial institution is depending on some issues whether the external control or the internal control. External control refer to the environment in our country like economy growth and inflation that effect the purchasing power of customer as the price of goods increases, customer demand will increase too. […]

Pages: 10 Words: 3027 Topics: Bank, Economic Growth, Interest, Macroeconomics, Research, Stock Market, Tax

Relationship between Asset Price and Monetary Policy

With the development of capital market and the innovation of finance,asset prices have taken a more prominent role in financial economy.Meanwhile,financial crisis and economy turbulences arouse by abnormal assets price fluctuation appear in many countries.Currently, China is confronted with the reality of asset prices inflation.Asset prices rapidly fluctuation bought gigantic impact to monetary policy, therefore,study […]

Pages: 24 Words: 7118 Topics: Bank, Interest, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Money, Stock Market, Supply And Demand

Revisiting the Fisher Hypothesis

Revisiting The Fisher Hypothesis: The Case Of India CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 1.1 CONTEXT OF THE STUDY In 1930 Irving Fisher investigated the relationship between the nominal interest rate, the real interest rate and expected rates of inflation. He discovered that a long-run equilibrium relationship existed between the nominal rate of inflation and expected rate […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4471 Topics: Economy, Interest, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Money, Research

Study on Monetary Policy and the Stock Market

Monetary policy is the regulation of the interest rate and money supply of a country by its Central Bank or Federal Reserve in other to achieve the major economic goals which include price stability, full employment, economic growth etc.A A  The stock market on the other hand is often considered a primary indicator of a country’s […]

Pages: 18 Words: 5331 Topics: Economy, Federal Reserve, Interest, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Money, Stock Market

Global Player/peer Competitor

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION “If there were only two men in the world, how would they get on? They would help one another, harm one another, flatter one another, slander one another, fight one another, make it up, they could neither live together nor do without one another” Philosophical Dictionary, 1764 Increasing role of China in […]

Pages: 38 Words: 11534 Topics: China, Fiscal Policy, India, Macroeconomics, National Security, Singapore, Thailand

Management International Reserve

Management of International Reserve: a Case Study of China Abstract The remarkable foreign reserves in China during the last decade have been boosted forward the world. Particularly in the aftermath of Asian financial crisis, China enable to succeed in avoiding the financial shock and economic meltdown and recovering in short time among others Asian countries […]

Pages: 30 Words: 8861 Topics: Economy, Investment, Macroeconomics

Cause and Effect Relationship between Government Expenditure and Revenue Collection

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview The relationship between government revenue and expenditure is a very important topic and has been an essential issue for many economists and policy makers as it represents budget deficit, government expenditure Plans and taxation structure of a country. Since the main objective of every government is to improve economic growth […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2582 Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Fiscal Policy, Government, Macroeconomics, Tax

Business and Financial Environment Assignment

Business and Financial Environment Part 1(a) Demand is the capacity that customer are capable and willing to buy at each reasonable price. Severely speaking this definition depicts effective demand, as resist to latent demand when a customer is incapable to fulfill their demand, no matter it is because of be short of knowledge on the […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2552 Topics: Bank, Banking, Demand, Economy, Interest, Investment, Macroeconomics

Business Report: Abercrombie and Fitch

Abstract Factors such as economic issues affect the business and its marketing strategies. The company recognizes there is a strong competition from other competitor within the industry; therefore it is crucial to improve its financial performance. Inflation and unemployment caused by the economic recession has affected the company’s performance. Organizations seek to increase overall profitability […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2174 Topics: Economy, Macroeconomics, Market, Unemployment

Different Economic Situation Motivation Business Business Essay

1What is motivation? A man or woman is motivated when he or she WANTS to do something. A motive is not quite the same as an incentive. Whereas a person may be inspired or made enthusiastic by an incentive, his or her main motive for wanting to do something may be fear of punishment. Motivation […]

Pages: 20 Words: 6087 Topics: Decentralization, Employment, Human Resource Management, Macroeconomics, Motivation, Salary, Tax

Great Depression

1. The financial crisis of 2007-2009 has been called the worst financial crisis since the one related to the Great Depression by leading economists. a) Discuss the main factors that have contributed to the crisis. (20 marks) The financial crisis was due to the bankruptcy of banks and extreme market volatility. One of the factors […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3551 Topics: Economy, Employment, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Money, Unemployment
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