Terrorism has Become the Systematic Weapon

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Terrorism has become the systematic weapon of a war that knows no borders or seldom has a face. After the catastrophic event that took place on September 11, 2001, the United States has not had any tolerance for terrorism. They announced that they would do anything in their power to protect the citizens of the United States. During the attempt to cease all acts of terrorism on the United States, the tables became turned and the U.S. terrorizes the exact people we think are dangerous. I feel as if The United States has sort of played tit for tat with other countries in an ongoing terrorist- like war that has put many people’s lives at stake not only here in the U.S. but as well as people in different countries.

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“Terrorism has Become the Systematic Weapon”

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When I hear the word terrorism I begin to think of the amount of fear I was feeling while just hearing about the stories from people who were of age during the 9/11 incident as I was too young to understand at the time. People described it as Probably the worst thing to ever happen to the United States . As I grew to understand how things in this world work I made my own definition of terrorism. I describe terrorism as any act and/or intimidation tactic to instill fear in a group of civilians for reasoning characterized by the motive behind it. I feel as if this is an accurate definition because anybody can go and commit a mass murder but once you do something for a political reason bigger than just one person or to hurt a group of people, then it should be looked upon as terrorism.

The U.S. has a law that says no individual will be liable to merciless and irregular discipline. This incorporates the tormenting of people being investigated. Uncommon interpretation is fundamentally taking a man who is believed to be a potential danger, as a rule through power or seizing, to another nation so as to execute ‘elective’ cross examination methods. Unlawful confinement alludes to how United States’ authorities capture and keep people anticipated that would be a danger, while having no strong verification or proof on an individual. Finally, the torment part of this.

Torment falls under ‘brutal and irregular discipline’ but then regardless it happens upon these presumed people. Numerous researchers and open authorities have voiced their position on this issue. Many concur that the utilization of these procedures is a maltreatment of intensity by the United States. Seizing of these people is an illicit demonstration that can’t be permitted to proceed. The United States’ utilization of these methods to battle the war that is terrorism are uncaring and take things to another dimension.

The authorities that lead these illicit demonstrations and unlawful cross examinations are not considered responsible for their activities in light of the fact that these demonstrations don’t happen on United States’ dirt. In this manner they are no longer inside the ward of the U.S. While a few researchers trust this might be a fundamental technique so as to fend off acts of terrorism, many people believe that these methods should be stopped.

My view on this issue is that is profoundly pointless and needs to stop. The primary purpose for these strategies is to battle terrorism and overall stop acts of terrorism and keep it from occurring on United States as a whole. What a few people don’t understand is that the U.S. is doing exactly the same thing to the innocent people in different countries that they are trying to stop from happening here in their own homeland (U.S.). While trying their best to prevent these individuals from threatening the United States and their citizens, they are in actuality turning into the ones threatening individuals. A few people are taken from their own state to an area and exposed to such torment procedures that are looked upon as savage and heartless.

As a native of this extraordinary nation, I think that it’s mind-blowing that we would partake in activities such as these. Setting dread on our foes so they will never again threaten us can result in one of two different ways. In the first situation, these systems may ultimately be effective in ceasing such acts of terrorism on the U.S. While in the second situation we make pressure among different countries and continue to provoke the circumstance to wind up a lot bigger than they ordinarily are. Despite the fact that I trust the United States needs to keep on battling terrorism, it still poses as a genuine risk to numerous individuals. With that being said, the U.S. authorities must investigate more humanized techniques that are still acceptable in nature and don’t make thing bigger when they should be trying to bring things to a stop.

The use of these inhumane practices of torturing and doing certain things to people who may be involved in terrorist attacks started a while ago. Initially, these strategies were used to carry individuals into the jurisdiction of the United States so that said individual could be prosecuted. During the time George Bush was in office, the awful attack of 9/11 happened, along these lines bringing the change to such harsh punishments. With Bush giving more lead way to government authorities, for example, the CIA, he opened the entryways for such practices, for example, these to happen. CIA authorities are the ones who control a large amount of these issues. This is an immediate effect from a choices made by President Bush.

The objective of this new system is to take people, either straight from the United States or from their own nation of origin/state, far from U.S. jurisdiction so that they can perform demonstrations of cross examination that would not be lawful in the U.S. Since 9/11, these practices have turned out to be very inhumane as it changed into a program that exchanges people outside of the United States to expose them to cross examinations that add up to serious types of torment. This was made with the conviction that tormenting suspected terrorist will result in more answers that will assist the battle with preventing future terrorist acts. The thought is that the cross examination method utilized in the United States law requirement does not give sufficiently generous answers. The general population that are being examined realize they can’t be contacted legitimately in the U.S. furthermore, will decline to give answers consequently. The requirement for more answers does not legitimize tormenting different people, as it is to a great degree and conflicts with what this nation has had faith in from previous years.

Torture is a technique used during interrogations in order to get more information out of the suspected individual. It can be very effective as it easily persuades people to let go of the information they are withholding. This is a very popular strategy used throughout most of the world, although torturing suspected criminals has been outlawed in some countries. The United States is one of these countries. The eighth amendment of the United States’ constitution says that there can be no use of cruel and unusual punishment. Obviously torture falls under this category. Sometimes I believe that terrorism is such a large problem that drastic measures must be taken in order to fight it. But as I try not to be biased, it must come to a stop as it violates people’s rights as humans. U.S. officials cannot sacrifice humanity in order to fight a problem that can be solved in other ways. Concluding my thoughts on torture, it is still an inhumane act that should never even come into the question.

Under international law, torture is not illegal in all countries but most. It is highly preferred and suggested by the United Nations that it be stopped. There are many laws set in order to prevent it from happening.

Extraordinary rendition and torture tie together hand in hand. Extraordinary rendition is also known as outsourcing torture because that is basically what is happening. The United States takes the men and women whom they believe to be terrorists, or to be involved in some sort of terrorist act, and send them to another country just so they can torture them get answers out that they would not with normal techniques. What began as a program aimed at a small, discrete set of suspects??”people against whom there were outstanding foreign arrest warrants??”came to include a wide and ill-defined population that the Administration terms illegal enemy combatants’ (Mayer).

Continuation of this awful act has let United States officials lose sight of the main goal. The goal of the war on terrorism is to decrease the amount of terrorist act in all. These forced disappearances and acts of extraordinary rendition only cause more terrorism, except this time it is the U.S. inflicting terror. Torturing individuals who are thought to be a threat United States goes against what this country believes in. The eighth amendment was created for this very reason.

Along with extraordinary rendition and torture, the United States also has heavy involvement in unlawful detentions. The main contributing factor is what goes on down in Guantanamo Bay prison. Here, are held known and suspected terrorists to the United States. There have been many cases in which individuals did not have a fair trial and still were convicted and sent to the prison. This is because the U.S. does not feel the need to defend the people trying to harm our country. Just as in the case with torturing these people, not fully defending their rights in our judicial system goes against what the United States believes in. Every individual who gets tried for a crime in the U.S. has the right to a fair and speedy trial. Although somehow these rights still do not apply to everyone.

Many arguments and facts have been presented in order to show how the United States still participates in extraordinary rendition, unlawful detentions, and torture. Many known cases of extraordinary rendition have taken place in the EU, causing their officials to profit. A number of cases involving unlawful detentions have taken place among the men and women in Guantanamo Bay prison. Also, torture of these people occur while they are being interrogated. The United States must first discontinue the use of these inhumane practices in order to maintain a humane judicial system. They must then implement a system to fight terrorism in a legal and effective way. With help from all nations of the UN, the war on terror can be eliminated through proper fighting strategies.

In conclusion, terrorism is an act that should not be looked upon lightly but should as not be a reason to justify the torture and unfair treatment of people who are considered to be terrorists. Even though these people committed such acts against the safety and well-being of innocent people, they should still be looked upon as humans. The U.S. has committed crimes that would be looked at as terrorist like in other countries and we would not like people treating our people the same way we treat them here in our country. In order to control these such acts we must first begin to change the way we handle things here in the U.S.

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