Foreknowledge and Theory of Conspiracy Theory

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The foreknowledge conspiracy supports the supposition that the US government got involved in the 9/11 attacks either directly, by mounting explosives on World Trade Center 7, by claiming the lack of large-scale evidence while reporting the discovery of the most unlikely evidence to surface such attacks, or indirectly, by dismissing the clues that indicated towards a possible act of terrorism. Jimmy Walter, businessman and author, was among the first who discredited the validity of the official report of the events that happened and started off the speculation that one of the reasons for which the US government participated in the 9/11 attacks was to provoke a war because “The military was getting their funding cut. The CIA was getting their funding cut” (movie citation). which demanded an immediate increase in the munition industry. Later, an MSNBC report supported this idea, as Mark Gaffney explains, “According to MSNBC, the plan to invade Afghanistan and “remove Al Qaeda from the face of he[sic] earth” was already sitting on G.W. Bush’s desk on the morning of 9/11 awaiting his signature” (News You Won’t Find On CNN).

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“Foreknowledge and Theory of Conspiracy Theory”

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The flow of accusations was increasing and was progressively engaging more people into raising more questions and theories regarding the real story of the 9/11 events. Consequently, Jimmy Walter and other theorists created an entire campaign that aimed for the government to facilitate a new investigation on what happened in the 9/11. The television and the online digital media intensively publicized this campaign through a series of news, televised debates and shows, and a bundle of websites with supporting evidence for their beliefs. The entire “foreknowledge propaganda” was going on for years and insisted on persuading the public opinion to consider the government the main responsible for the 9/11 attacks, although the official reports debunked their conspiracies in so many ways.

In order to keep this conspiracy standing up, Jimmy Walter and other supporters of the “foreknowledge” conspiracy provided plausible evidence to the public. First, according to “911Truth.Org, they pointed to the fact that the government intentionally hid from the public the black box evidence, although the authorities responsible for the redemption of the building sites found three out of four black boxes (911Truth.Org). Moreover, Jimmy Walter appeals to the public’s common sense when he declares, “We go to the World Trade Towers, they can’t find the bodies, they can’t find the black boxes, but they find the unburnt passport laying on the street” (“9/11: Truth, Lies, and Conspiracies” 00:04:12-17). In other words, he was referring to the fact that an easy damaging piece of evidence such as the passport of one of the leaders of the attacks, clearly incriminating Al-Qaeda, was found intact despite the circumstances while greater and harder destructible evidence such as the black boxes and human cadavers have been declared missing. This led to the assumption that the passport “was placed there by somebody official” (History Commons). Second, they incriminated the government for intentionally planting explosive materials on Building 7 which completely crashed although no airplane hit it and the decreased sections that were on fire would not have been able to cause the complete collapse. Moreover, they found evidence that suggested that the complete wreckage of the building simulated the exact behavior of the “explosive controlled demolitions” (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth).

Lastly, they allege that the CIA knew about Al-Hazmi and Al-Mindhar, including the fact that they were terrorists, before they even entered the U.S. Yet, the let them continue their trip from Bangkok to the U.S. after only making photocopies of their passports. Additionally, they suggest that the CIA kept this information away from the FBI(“9/11: Truth, Lies, and Conspiracies” 00:11:53 00:13:41). Furthermore, back in San Diego where they lived in 2000, they took English classes, flying training, took their driver’s license and opened bank accounts suggesting that they did not try to stay unobserved. Thomas Drake, the Senior Analyst for NSA reported that while living in San Diego, the pair made phone calls to “Al-Qaeda’s terror cell in Yemen”
(“9/11: Truth, Lies, and Conspiracies” 00:13:45 00:15:30).

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