The Tactics of Terrorism

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The tactics of terrorism are starting to show a great deal of variety as well as improvements in different many ways. The importance of these attacks is the cultivation of fear being spread during the attacks, and the threat of that violence ends up being actual. The development of technology has advanced the different methods and has opened terrorist groups to new tactics. Every terrorist has its own method of attack depending on the circumstances and understanding the likelihood of success. The type of tactics that we have cover in the readings and in class are shootings, kidnapping, nuclear weaponry, hijackings, bombings, and suicide attacks. Some tactics seem unconventional were other have only been used in certain times, for example hijacking planes causing 9/11.

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“The Tactics of Terrorism”

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Other tactics are seen as a serious threat by government officials and experts. Tactics that are recognized by the government that we’ve talked about in class includes bioterrorism and chemical terrorism, nuclear terrorism, and cyberterrorism. Now, I will be discussing my perfect terrorist attack and how it would look like. My method of attack will have to be a bombing because it really easy to access the chemicals used to make explosives like a pipe bomb, which is an improvised explosive device (IED). Creating a pressure cooker bomb does the most damage and it is also very cheap. Pipe bombs are made with a pipe, fuse, a timer of any sort, gun powder, nails, etc. The timer will set of the fuse causing it to ignite with a static of energy, which will generate an explosion with the gun powder. The reason why I’m using a pipe bomb is because like I said earlier it is very cheap, most of the utilities you can use in your home, and the usage of metal causes a stronger and conclusive force. Most of the supplies you can grab from your home.

The only thing you will need to buy is the pipe. I will be using my own effective cash. I will have someone else buy me the pipe so the cameras at the store won’t be able to get my facial recognition. I won’t tell the buyer what it is for, just in case he goes telling law enforcement authorities. My target population is government officials. Why? I want to target government to demonstrate the failure of the state on how they protect its main leaders as well as the strategic installations. I want to show the world how weak the United State government is. I will be driving around the statehouse to observe the blind spots, number of cameras, and an escape route. This will be done in the fall, and will be executed in the winter, just in case I drew suspicious driving around different days.

Executing this in the winter will give me a reason why I have a scarf covering my face. I will plant two pipe bombs in the North and South of the statehouse with a timer set for an hour, giving me time to leave the area and head to class. Going to class give me an alibi, so it will be harder to prove that it was me behind the attacks. The goal of my attack is fear, destruction, murder, and also using it to cause fear in the minds of other government authorities. I know that I won’t be able to win facing the military but can be successful targeting them mentally and psychologically. I believe I will be caught sooner or later, but not on the spot. They will be able to solve the mistake I made, causing myself to be captured.

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