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The first world leader that I think fit the description of a leader , is that who loved being feared is GEORGE.W.BUSH he was born on july 6 , 1946. He was a politician who was the 43rd president of the usa , i researched that he love being feared because, the work ,sheet that has been giving to me says it is excellent to be scared than loved who feared the leaders were much i guess likely to redeem . george w bush always had his guard up .so whenever he does not become loved because he does not become hated . machiavelli also says never be feared , let people fear you , but a quote from machiavelli says ‘’ but fear is sustained by a dread of prosecution that is always righteous ‘’ . one should wish to be both of my opion but because it is so hard to unite them all in 1 person , it is much better to be scared than blessed. Being safe is better too but because you want have to wash your back as much being that . people will be less likely to consider against someone they scared of than someone they love . george w bush keeps his subject good and loyal . good people like mr bush are often good people that is compassionate , but not strong .george bush had a difficult time advoiding the reputation of being cruel beacuse they were elected to make changes and changes are never easy ya dig . love and fear are powerful motivations , because fear motivates success .

The second world leader that I will be choosing is from South America, is evo morales , he is the former president at South America , the reason why I picked him is because he stay in power . According to Machiavelli, to stay in power he said that rulers would have to ignore the ignorance of politics honestly but the justice , honor , awesomeness, & so on . He was born on October the 26 ,1959 . He is the 80th president of Bolivia . He is not married til this day . So maintaining power was better than just being a good leader honestly because you have to have a power to run something right ? So it actually mena the game of power politics . So it really is the basic , because all power got a source .so really you need to become an expert by increasing your knowledge , to do that you need to require more of yourself & you need to exercise your power . Evo always did those things because he maximize his power to a level where he can reach at a tumor goal YADIG … knowledge in how you get to know your power and seek your power . Stay positive when you seek your power . He did everything that he was supposed to gain and maintain power in South America. That’s the main reason why I wrote about him & he required more of hiself than others because he dont want to give nobody else his power or show his weak side . So that’s why I chose him .  

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