The Religion and Abortion

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When it comes to political terrorist groups, they all seem to have the same goal, change the current government. Whether it is to change the type of government from a republic, democratic, dictatorship or completely eradicate it and become an anarchist state. When the Nazis who were a politically motivated party rose to power, they wanted to remove the current government in Germany. The charismatic leader and founder of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler, used propaganda in his speeches, over the radios, and during his rallies to recruit and round up new members. The Nazis like a lot of other politically motivated terrorists blamed their current government for the issues they as well as their country were facing.

Politically motivated terrorist believe they can fix their government, they believe their government has wronged them as well as ruined their country. The only way to fix the government is to remove it from power or significantly change laws the current government set in place. In the United States, the news is very controversial depending on if you are a left wing or right wing supporter, you can turn on the television and see propaganda related to your political stance. In the United States, a left-wing political terrorist organization like an animal rights activists group committed an act of domestic terrorism. Police believe they were responsible for the use of firebombs in attacks on science researchers who used animals as test subjects. (Ostrom, 2016) As for religion-based terrorist groups, they see society in black and white, right or wrong, and either you are with us or against us.

Religious texts can easily be interpreted and in the eyes of someone who has a radical way of thinking they can believe that the holy book is giving them the right to commit the attacks. Throughout history there has always been a link between terrorism and religion, the Army of God, who is a Christain based terrorist cell, would kidnap doctors, planted bombs at abortion clinics, and even sent letters containing white powder to abortion doctors claiming it was anthrax. Now in the Bible, it is stated that “You must not commit murder” it is one of the Ten Commandments, however, that is something that can be easily misinterpreted as well as other statements in the Bible. For clarity, the way Pastor Michael Bray interprets the bible gives justification to the Army of God members for their killings on pro-choice individuals.

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