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Police and Community Relations

Introduction Police forces in world play a vital role in ensuring that law and order is maintained in the society. However, they face numerous challenges that hinder their performance. Despite their efforts to behave ethically as well as maintain a good image, people still perceive them as people who are knot friendly and kind. Therefore, […]

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The Condemnation of Blackness

In the study about the Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of a Modern Urban America, is an exciting book and research that deals with the groundbreaking of history in the United States of America pegged on the racial aspects. In the novel, the author takes part in tracing the differences and civil […]

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Gun Reforms

In the recent years, Gun reforms remain the biggest challenge and debate in security agencies in the United States of America. Gun violence has claimed numerous innocent lives causing great moaning in the United States. Similarly, gun caused violence has also left several people crippled or with serious injuries hence affecting the health of the […]

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Sex Trafficking in the United States

Introduction Sex trafficking activity in America mainly occurs around the International travel hubs whereby; large number of immigrant gathers. It is an absurd story for the U.S Justice Department, giving estimates of individuals trafficked in the country annually rather; than solving the issue. Results show that young kids and teenagers are the core victims in […]

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Crime and Violence

In Trinidad and Tobago we are presently faced with an alarming number of acts of violence and crime. Whatever the precise cause of the problem, the harsh consequences are that as a nation we are losing our young people, particularly to a life of crime and violence because most of our crime are being carried […]

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime

Personal Perception of Organized Crime University of Phoenix CJA/393 – Organized Crime By Magdalena Enger September 12, 2010 Personal perception of organized crime American organized crime history goes back as far as the colonial period when pirates were considered to be the first organized criminals in America. However, many historians believe that 1920s Chicago and […]

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Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime

CERTAINTY OF CONTRACT There are two aspects to the issue of uncertainty. (1) The language used may be too vogue in which case, the court is likely to hold that there is no concluded agreement , the contract is void for uncertainty. (2) Failure to reach agreement on a vital or fundamental term of an […]

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Crime Control Essay Online For Free

What is distinctive about the political ideas underpinning crime control in the past 30 years? Margaret Thatcher famously commented that “there is no such thing as society” (1987) and in that comment is ample evidence of the Thatcher governments adherence to ‘New Right Realism’, arguably the dominant political philosophy underpinning crime control policies throughout the […]

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Crime Law Essay Online For Free

The approach within this assignment will firstly review the failings of both Fred Churchill (Contractors) Ltd for the unlawful depositing of waste around the city of Nottingham together with the incident which relates to Brockwell and the pollution of the river Trent. Both cases will be reviewed as under s85 of the Water Resources Act […]

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The Position of Cyber Crime in India

Position of Cyber Crime in India Table of Contents Introduction Impacts of Cyber Crime Perception of the Impact of Cyber Crime Negative Developments with respect to Cyber Crime Positive Developments with respect to Cyber Crime Cyber Crimes and the Issue of Evidence Cyber Crime and Jurisdiction Abstract Cyber crime is developing at a dumbfounding pace, […]

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Forecasting Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

FORECASTING DIGITAL CRIME AND DIGITAL TERRORISM Forecasting Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism Trends Introduction The ongoing cyber-criminal threats all around the United States result in major financial losses. Cyber-crimes also have an impact on the critical substructure of an organization such as supply chain and intellectual property matters. Thus, various critical infrastructures face a major […]

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Keeping criminal trials fair

Judicial staying of criminal proceedings is an exceptional course for the trial judge to take and usually the trial process itself including appropriate judicial directions to the jury, is adequate to ensure that a criminal trial remains fair at common law and Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, as given effect to […]

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Criminal proceedings against Kolpinghuis Nijmegen

Brief : 194325 Delivery Date : 29 March 2007 Title: Download a case from the Europa website. Find the ECJ judgment for criminal proceedings against Kolpinghuis Nijmegen BV 80/86. Based upon this download of the judgment, answer all of the following questions. ANSWER Source: Judgment of the Court (Sixth Chamber) of 8 October 1987. Criminal […]

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The need for reform in criminal law

The criminal law on omissions is confusing and does not fit easily with the requirement that both actus reus and mens rea must be present to establish a criminal offence. This area of law is in need of reform. Discuss with reference to the relevant law. A fundamental principle of the criminal law is that […]

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Criminal Justice Technology

Technology within the Criminal Justice System has evolved through the years. DNA is one type of technology that has revolutionized the criminal justice system. Law enforcement uses this method to aide in the capture and conviction of criminals; at times have led to exonerate criminals who were wrongly convicted. There is still a lot that […]

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Criminal Justice in Saudi Arabia

Criminal Justice in Saudi Arabia Introduction: The current Saudi court framework is made out of a Supreme Judicial Council, First Instance Courts and Courts of Appeals. Saudi Arabia additionally has a regulatory legal body called Board of Grievances which remains close by the Courts System and is subsidiary specifically with the King. The board judicial […]

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Crime Young People

Under schedule 3 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, an Offence committed solely by a Juvenile, a Juvenile being a young adult aged 10-17, will commence in the Youth Court. Max Greentree is categorised as a Juvenile because he is of the age of 15, however the crime has not been solely committed by him […]

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Crime Analysis Technology

HOW TECHNOLOGY IS USED IN CRIME ANALYSIS CJ 216 Highfill, Lucrissa 9/7/2010 Leave this page blank The first step in the crime analysis process is the collection of data; this step is closely connected to data storage. As noted above, this step occurs outside the direct control of the crime analysis function. In most police […]

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Crime Mapping

Crime Mapping and Analysis Criminologists are at the present employing digital crime maps to generate representations of graphic of the spatial crime geography (Siegel, 2012). This technology is a huge instance of taking a tried, old, and true method and modernizing it to construct it exponentially more efficient in contemporary day policing. By taking the […]

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McCullen v Coakley

Running Head: Case Opinion Analysis: Mccullen V. Coakley McCULLEN V. Coakley Case Opinion Analysis For the purpose of this paper I choose to place an opinion applet to the case of Supreme Court of the United States no. 12–1168. Eleanor McCULLEN, et al., petitioners v. Martha Coakley, attorney general of Massachusetts, et al .on writ […]

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The Cyber Crimes of Albert Gonzalez

Dear Ms. Kazi, As per your request on the 2nd of November, I am attaching a report analyzing the cyber crimes of Albert Gonzalez. Cyber crime is serious offence and can carry long jail terms for serious offenders. Albert Gonzalez is currently serving a sentence of 20 years for his crimes. Albert was involved in […]

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Are Custodial Sentences the most economical and effective way of Crime Prevention?

Custodial sentences are supposed to be an efficient way of reducing crime, enforcing punishment for the crime committed. The main aims of custodial sentencing is Retribution , Denunciation ,Deterrence ,Rehabilitation and Reparation, but are custodial sentences always the most economical and best way of crime prevention? The idea of Retribution is to enforce a punishment […]

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The Theories of Crime

Theories of Crime   2.Feminist Criminology/Law:The criminal defence of “Battered Woman Syndrome” is founded on gendered stereotypes of helpless women. Discuss. Domestic violence and the result of continuous domestic violence against women is a multifaceted issue. Despite the obvious physical injuries that victims sustain, victims of domestic violence also suffer psychological issues that can vary […]

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Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished in Malaysia

Capital punishment is a death sentence awarded for capital offences where in the criminal provisions consider such persons as a gross danger or threats to the existence of the society. As the merge of human rights associations, this punishment is strictly opposed for its cruelty and this has been a global debate for some years. […]

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The Reconstruction Period (1865-1877)

The Reconstruction period (1865-1877) was the era of rebuilding, the south, after the Civil War. In the South reconstruction meant rebuilding the economy, establishing new state and local governments and establishing a new social structure between whites and blacks. Abolishing slavery, what should be demanded of the Southern states, restoring political rights to the South, […]

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Drugs – The Link to Crimes

There is a link if you look back at the broken window theory on crime, a link that would apply to our current issues in American society in dealing with narcotics, crime and criminals. A century ago things were a bit different. The types and quantities of street level drugs were just not there, this […]

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