Terrorism is Caused by Multiple Factors

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From 1970 to 2017, 2014 had the greatest number of fatalities of 44,490 deaths worldwide (Roser et al.). Terrorism is an issue known as a worldwide threat of violence motivated by political and religious views. There are numerous contributions to this issue, and the main causes terrorism are the internet and social media.

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“Terrorism is Caused by Multiple Factors”

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This issue can also be caused by cultural, religious, and political beliefs and individual reasons. Due to these causes, there are consequences that follow which create damaging negative effects. These effects include an extreme number of deaths and injuries, an increasing raise in financial costs, and tons of property are destroyed, leaving people homeless and traumatized. Terrorism is an extremely dangerous problem that happens worldwide, caused by terrorist organizations who are motivated by different beliefs or individual views. This leads to negative effects that cause long-term damages to everyone in affected countries.

Terrorism is caused by multiple factors, such as the internet and religion and political beliefs, which motivate terrorist organizations to cause massive destruction. Terrorism is not considered a local issue but is also a worldwide issue that could happen anywhere. Some factors include .

Terrorism occurs worldwide, however there are many countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, that are more affected compared to others. In 2014, there were 44,490 fatalities worldwide (Roser et al.). 2014 had the greatest number of fatalities from terrorist attacks compared to all other years up to 2017. While 2014 had 44,490 fatalities, the most recent year, 2017, on the other hand, had 26,445 fatalities worldwide (Roser et al.). There is a visible decrease between the two years, showing that the amount of deaths have lessened. However, among of all the countries, Iraq has the deaths. Iraq does not only have the most deaths, but they also have the greatest number of injuries, striking at 16,804 injuries in 2014 and 4,916 injuries in 2017 (Roser et al.). Compared to 2014, Iraq seems to have three to four times less injuries in 2017.

While Iraq had 16,804 injuries in 2014, other countries had far less injuries: Afghanistan had 5,111, Nigeria had 2,283, Pakistan had 3,388, India had 776, China had 478, the United States had 19, and the United Kingdom had 4 (Roser et al.). In 2017, Iraq had 4,916 injuries, meanwhile Afghanistan had 6,027 injuries: Nigeria had 1,031, Pakistan had 3,388 injuries, China had 76, the United States had 932, and the United Kingdom had 301 (Roser et al.). Afghanistan was the only country in 2017 to have more injuries than Iraq, while the other countries listed had less. The number of injuries from 2014 and 2017 decreased in Nigeria and China, remained the same in Pakistan, and increased in the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the map in 2017, the top three regions with the greatest number of terrorist incidents are Iraq with 2,466, Afghanistan with 1,414, and Pakistan with 719 (Roser et al.). However, of all countries, Iraq still remains to be the top nation most affected by terrorism. Iraq is more affected contrasted to other nations because Iraq is a small, poor, developing country that lacks special resources in their economy (Bandyopadhyay et al.).

This means that Iraq is not as advanced in technology and equipment, so it is easier for terrorist groups to attack this nation, while it is harder for terrorist groups to attack a larger and richer economy.

The effects of terrorism are excruciatingly devastating, leading to associated costs which include deaths, financial costs, and loss of property. In a terrorist attack, thousands of people are either kidnapped or killed. Terrorist attacks can also cause serious indirect harm to neighboring countries and their economies, and there are even worse effects in smaller countries with developing economies, such as Israel and Colombia (Bandyopadhyay et al.). When there is an attack, economic resources, markets, transportation, restaurants, and owned property are striked and destroyed by bombers (Bandyopadhyay et al.). This outcome causes an extreme loss of property, causing a tremendous raise in financial costs. The raise causes a decline in production and advancement and trade reduction.

This result affects the neighboring countries as well because the neighboring countries would have to help the affected country by providing money to pay off the raise in insurance. For example, in the 911 Attack, the Twin Towers of New York collapsed, killing approximately 2,996 people, estimating $80 billion in losses (Bandyopadhyay et al. ; Sawe). This highlights the amount of damage a terrorist attack is capable of doing.

To prevent the threat of terrorism, strong and lasting solutions are required to ensure the safety of citizens. Governments of different nations and international groups can help raise awareness or create strategies to tackle terrorism. Many countries are working on different solutions to help contribute to decreasing terrorism. One country includes Turkey, involving the Turkish government and the Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser Akdogan. When the Turkish government stresses on developing a lasting solution to lessen terrorism, Akdogan states “the goal is not simply to manage the problem on a temporary basis, but to bring it to a final and permanent solution (Turkish Adviser Outlines Plan for Tackling Terrorism). Akdogan indicates how terrorism should not be taken as a trivial problem and should instead be thoroughly looked into to solve this problem.

Despite terrorism being a problem in the last thirty years, Akdogan remains determined to create better solutions. This leads to Akdogan’s six steps to achieve goal: being determined, not taking any shortcuts, getting more involvement and support from citizens, maintaining common sense, and staying hopeful but being realistic about the outcomes (“Turkish Adviser Outlines Plan for Tackling Terrorism). These fundamental steps can be used to put an effect into Akdogan’s goal. As each step is completed, the issue of terrorism will gradually decrease. International authorities are also involved with minimizing the extreme amount of terrorist attacks. One international group is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, a national security organization which ensures to help protect and support the country by clarifying threats and ways for protection.

The FBI lists three ways for people to protect themselves: 1. Remain aware of surroundings; 2. Refrain from oversharing personal info; and 3. Say something if you see something (Terrorism). It is essential for the people to fulfill these steps to stay safe in their environment. Since the FBI’s number one priority is protecting the United States from terrorist attacks, the FBI devises different methods for protection that people from all over the world can follow.

Overall, terrorism is an extremely dangerous threat that causes many negative effects toward thousands of people in affected countries. This issue is caused by political or religious beliefs, the internet involving social media, and individual reasons or emotions. Although terrorism is increasing in some parts of the world, there are solutions to reduce this problem, including being aware of the environment, getting more involvement and ideas from citizens, and gaining support from international or government groups.

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