Kindness Helps Shoplifter out

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Officer Justin Roby was just doing his job as a London, Ky Police officer, when he was called on a run to a nearby Kroger store for a shoplifter incident on January 17, 2015. When Officer Ruby arrived, he met the suspect and heard about why this individual father was shoplifting in the store accompany by his six-month baby. Office Roby put himself in the place of this unfortunate father while on hard times without a job, and not be able to even buy baby formula for his infant. Being a single father also, Officer Roby took kindness on to the suspect and bought baby formula, this way the suspect baby would have something to eat. Office Roby as I quote him “”I just did my job; many people don’t ever see the kindness an officer does during their work day.”” The store manager also didn’t want to press charges on a man that had no employment and both the officer, and the store personnel realized that the suspect wouldn’t be able to even pay for court and pending tickets. The good Samaritan officer was able to help the suspect and provided him with information about free legal aid programs for him and the child. Officer Roby gave father a warning and did a good deed.

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“Kindness Helps Shoplifter out”

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The oath of a police officer should be an outstanding public servant helping the public at all times. Unfortunately, officer Christopher Staton is now facing conspiracy and lying under oath to the FBI. United States Attorney Matthew working in a major drug conspiracy with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Drug Enforcement Administration under a criminal investigation. Schneider was very upset that an officer working under the law instead demonstrated and presented himself less than the oath he took upon. Schneider felt that officer Staton should have performed his job correctly by the law. To Schneider eyes the officer has presented himself as a snitch, traitor and a spy for the wrong side of the law. Staton disregards the enormity opioid crisis, that we are experiencing during this time, around our city. Staton was charged for helping drug dealers and participating in a major crime by evading police detection and distribute large quantities of poisonous drugs. Staton faces up to life in prison.

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