Killing my Love with Kindness

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I wake up from my dream, cars zooming by as my mom is still talking about going to a new school. My sister Iris is complaining. This isn’t unusual, but is still impeccably annoying. “Hey Iris, can you shut your trap? I’m trying to sleep.” I say adjusting my body to get comfortable. “Um, no, I can’t because this is about the 5th school we’ve been to in about 3 years.,” Iris said with a head bob. My mom then chimes in, “Honey I’m sorry but it’s for work. There is nothing that I can do about it. Plus I think you guys will really love this place.”, my mom states as she is entering the new neighborhood. “If we didn’t like the other four places we’ve been so why would we like this one. At the other schools, I started to get attached to many people then have to say goodbye because we have to move!,” Iris growls. “Well I’m sorry about the other places but I think we will be able to stay here longer.,” my mother says. “Mom you say that every time, then we do end up moving.,” I said blatantly realizing we arrived at our new house.

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“Killing my Love with Kindness”

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“I know I do but I actually have a good feeling about this one. Now get out of the damn car and start exploring our new house along with the neighborhood.” I get out of the car seeing a red brick house. The grass is a greenish-yellow color and many of the flowers around the house are dying. It looks like no one has been here awhile. I head to the door and unlock it. As I walk in, I see the living room, it is a decent size, but you can see a few weird colored stains on the carpet. It looks like this house is older, considering there are dusty drapes, and the fireplace has stones with aging spots on it. The kitchen is small and has older appliances. There is only really enough room for one person to cook in it. Next, to the kitchen there is a bathroom, I’m guessing there was an artsy-fartsy person that used to live here because there was beautiful art on the wall. The shower also has artistic qualities to it.

As you walk out of the bathroom and turn to the right, down the hallway there are stairs. I won’t bother to explore since it’s probably only bedrooms and another bathroom. “Ryker! Could you help carry some things in? It’s the least you can do since you are the man of the family.,” my mom says out of breath while I run to help her. “Sorry, mom. I was just exploring.,” I started to pick up the box and take it upstairs. I stop in a room that has a full-length body mirror. My body at 5’10” has a medium build, not too strong, but not too weak. My brown-auburn hair is wavy with a generic boy haircut with my eyes being a beautiful silver-gray color. My nose hooks up slightly and my lips are pink and medium sized. In my head, I’m not very attractive… I’m just an ordinary guy! Many girls and guys have crushes on me, I just don’t see why! I head back downstairs to fetch more boxes when the phone starts ringing. “I got it, you guys keep unpacking.” my mom says, starting to run for the phone. “Hey, Iris, what do you suppose the phone call could be about.”

“Maybe someone from our family or financial payments we missed.” “Hmm maybe, I guess we’ll find out.,” I say as our mother comes back. “That was the school, they wanted to show you around. Since you are in different grades, you will be in separate groups for tours. They want you to start on Monday. Since today is Thursday, they want you to go to the school tomorrow for tours, so you have all weekend to prepare.,” my mom rambles on. This isn’t new, every school we go to give us a tour before we start. It’s a regular routine with all the moving. “Now, since we are done bringing in boxes we need to start unpacking and eat dinner.,” my mom said hastily picking up the box that said “Kitchen” on it. My sister and I follow our mother. She started to get out pots and pans, along with the ramen that we will eat tonight.

“I know it’s not much for right now, but I’ll get groceries when you get toured tomorrow.” “Who cares let’s eat I’m famished!!,” Iris complained, once again. “At least we have food. Imagine not being able to eat for days.” I snapped back “I know, I know, but I’m still hungry.,” my mom started to chuckle as Iris said this. “It will be ready soon.,”” my mom started sweetly. Within 3 minutes, we had food in front of us. All three of us talked, laughed, and ate. After I ate dinner, I went to take a shower. I walked upstairs to the bathroom, stripped out of my clothes, then jumped into the shower which had hot water shooting out. It felt relaxing in the shower not having to worry about anything. I let the water hit my face and neck, letting all the worries flow out of my body. Soon, the water started to get cold. Turning off the shower and drying off, I put on boxers, and a t-shirt that says “Virginity Rocks.”” And yes, I am still a virgin! I jump into my bed and look at the ceiling wondering what’s to come in the future. I drift asleep thinking about the tours tomorrow.

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