Does an Act of Kindness Lead to Another?

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When I was twelve my mom would take me to a church in Dudley, Missouri, the first Saturday of the month to pass out food and other necessities too families that couldn’t afford them. There was over a hundred people that came to this food drive, and sadly there wasn’t enough for everybody. As I was about to gather my belongings and head to the car, I seen an elderly man sharing their food to another family that didn’t get anything. As he walked away I could see a smile rise on his face. This act of kindness made me feel excellent for the rest of the day and I was glad I witnessed it. Random acts of kindness promotes compassion, reduces depression, and reduces stress.

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“Does an Act of Kindness Lead to Another?”

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Kindness promotes compassion which leads to connections to each other. When we practice these random acts of kindness it releases an energy. This energy makes us feel better about ourselves which makes the people that surround us feel the same. When we feel connected with each other we get a sense of value that we are all equally the same. Kindness makes our surroundings have a sense of community.

Random acts of kindness is like a treatment that reduces depression. Gratitude can ease depression because acting with gratitude improves relationships, health, and your well-being. Symptoms of depression are feeling hopeless or unimportant where a person assumes everyone to be against them. Triggering your brain with positive feelings with acts of gratitude can then begin to recover your depressed emotions.

When you do a random act of kindness you slow down and take a moment. When you are doing this you slow down, which relieves stress. When you perform a random act of kindness you feel positive emotions that make you want to smile because you feel joy in your heart. When you smile it makes you want to look at the stressful parts in life from a different angle. When people are kind to you, you feel the need to be kind back. That ends up growing and leading to a world filled with joy and alot less stress.

When I look back when I was twelve I realize that I was the one who started the act. It made me feel positive emotions and brightened my day and I believe it had the same effect on that elderly man. When you are kind to people it also affects you so kindness is not only about being nice to others but being kind to yourself.

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