What is Kindness?

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” Mark Tawin

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“What is Kindness?”

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Kindness is actually being friendly, generous, caring, selfless and above all social. It is the feeling of concern that is there in your heart for all. It comes with the acceptance of reality, when you feel for others and offer them a helping hand to eradicate their suffering. You needn’t be rich to be kind. It’s not entirely a matter of money, it comes from within. Though its inborn, it can be inculcated too. Your affection, gentleness, warmth, concern, and care for others can make others kind too and encourage them to be kind to others. Thus a chain could be created to spread kindness in the world. Being kind is not so simple rather it requires great courage and strength. It is an interpersonal skill that demands sacrifice. It is more demanding if we talk about kindness towards animals because understanding their pain and sufferings is yet a much more difficult task since they can not speak and express themselves. It’s a challenging job because we have to create a sense of bonding and love them and make them comfortable to understand them and know their sufferings and then help them. Thus we must not under estimate the contribution of the vets rather give them due recognition for their tremendous contribution in the field. Moreover it is not easy to deal with wild animals. The doctors risk their life to treat and help them and that can not happen without kindness in their hearts and their readiness to sacrifice and help.

Kindness is one of the best and the most essential virtue which humanity must possess to make this world a better place for all. It is actually the basis of all life because it comes next to the other basic needs which are important for the existence of life such as food, shelter and cloth. There would be no exaggeration if we say that life can not exist without the quality of Kindness. Nothing can exist in isolation. We have to depend upon each other for our survival and until and unless we are kind and helpful towards each other, our existence is impossible. It is because of the kindness which prevails everywhere that life exists. Though it is a personal quality but it affects and binds all. When a single individual performs an act of kindness, he is sensitive towards others and feels their pain and his act of kindness not only helps others but also gives him inner strength and peace and makes him emotionally strong and powerful. He is filled with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness because he could be of some use to others. It is a two way process as you receive love, respect and blessings in response for your act of kindness.

Everybody is affected by the acts of kindness. You never know how great impacts can your small acts of kindness make in the society. It can transform a cruel man into a kind soul or turn a devil into a sage. A perfect example of the same is shown in Norman Mckinnel’s play The Bishop’s candlesticks where an innocent man is converted into a thief or a criminal because of the cruel behavior of the policemen towards him who failed to understand him. However the focus of the play is on the fact that the thus turned criminal is again transformed into an innocent man by the positive efforts and the kind behavior of the bishop who succeeded in setting an example for the humanity. The quality of kindness influences the people around you; it is contagious in the sense that it encourages people to be kind to all. It enriches your entire environment be it your workplace or your home. It brings people together and improves the quality of life. It creates a sense of belongingness when you are kind to those who need your help. It makes the small community, the society and the entire world at large a happier, healthier and a much better place to live.

Always spread positivity, joy and happiness around you. Keep your eyes and years open and always be ready to help those who are suffering.  Your kind words, a smile on your innocent face, opening your door at midnight during winters for someone who is poor and needs food, clothes or shelter, offering a seat in the public transport to a lady with a child in her laps or helping someone carry a heavy load are all acts of kindness. Celebrating the success of others, encouraging and guiding others when they fail, giving good suggestions and honest compliments, sending an email thanking someone, telling someone how special he is to you, helping the old and the poor with hard work or food, sharing their feelings, talking to them when you are free, hearing their experiences, sharing homemade food, donating old clothing and other things of need and holding someone’s hand in distress are all different ways to practice kindness. All this, when performed without any expectations in return is more effective, fruitful and beneficial for the doer and the receiver both. It is in fact the greatest service to humanity. Your little help and small act of kindness can bring a drastic change into the life of others. It may not affect you much but it will certainly make a great difference in the life of those who are at the receiving end. Kindness can strengthen your relationships and gives you a sense of great satisfaction in life.

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