Showing Kindness

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The definition of kindness is “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” In other words, it means to respect one’s ideas, qualities, and space. Kindness is a behavior noticeable by honorable characteristics, a polite personality, and having concern and consideration for others. It is considered virtuous, and is noticed as a value in many cultures and religions. Laozi, an ancient chinese philosopher and the founder of Daoism, described kindness as “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” Kindness is when you do something that benefits someone else out of your own interests.The present world isn’t so fabulous sometimes. In this present world, so many people feel like their differences set them apart in a bad way. They feel like they’re not special. This can lead to further problems, none of which have a happy ending.

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“Showing Kindness”

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Any form of kindness could have had a massive impact on the person. Kindness could make the person feel more like they are important, special, and that their differences make them unique. Humans need to feel kindness. It’s in our DNA. Kindness improves mental, emotional and physical well-being. So if everyone in this room did one kind thing to one person, every day, the positive impact could become immense. Showing kindness to those who are disabled is very important. They might not look like the rest of us, and they might be unable to perform certain tasks, but inside they are still human, like the rest of us. They have feelings too, and they might feel out of place in some places. They might feel bad about themselves. That is why it is important for us to show kindness towards them. By some simple acts of kindness, like a smile or helping them with tasks they might find hard, we can make them feel better and have a higher self esteem. It will also make us feel better, knowing that we have helped someone who might have needed it a lot.Showing kindness to different races is as important as showing kindness to people just like yourself. You should not neglect someone just because they are a different skin color than you, or you don’t like their skin color.

A person’s skin color doesn’t make their personality. You should acknowledge the mistakes of our ancestors (such as slavery and segregation) and not repeat them. Being kind to other races strengthens the community and will make you seem nicer to those that aren’t of a different race. You will have a diverse set of friends if you are able to be kind to those of a different race.You could show kindness to those you don’t like by ignoring their mean/rude remarks and help them even if they don’t help you. One should show kindness even if someone had been unkind to them. Every single person in this world has the quality of kindness and it can be cultivated by repetitive actions. Another way to show kindness to those who are disliked is to listen to their thoughts. They might have a despised personality due to personal problems. You might be able to help them with their problems. Try to observe and understand their perspective and think “What should I do to help this person?”

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