Why Kindness Matters

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What Is Kindness?

In many events, people have taken someone kindness for granted. The expression of being generous, considerate, and friendly defines what kindness is. “Random akts of kidness" are selfless acts performed by a person wishing to either help or positively affect the emotional state (mood) of another person” (Passmore & Oades, 2015). Displaying warmth, affirming someone with words of care, affection, and being concerned for others are other ways of expressing kindness. It takes a strong, selfless individual to be kind, and it also shows strength, and courage. Some may think that a kind person weak, or naïve but, that it far from the truth. Kindness is great social skill that is expressed regardless of gender, race, religion, or age.

Being aware and noticing the times of when someone may be suffering is showing kindness; especially if one should help and reach out to the person in need. A kind gesture, holding the door open for someone, a loving or caring smile, or helping to carry something that may be too heavy for someone to carry is showing the act of kindness. When we celebrate someone that means a lot to us, such as our friends, spouses, parents, and siblings, affirming one another, sharing food, sending donations to charities, not spreading gossip, and helping the elderly is a way to show kindness.

Kindness is also showing accountability. “Whilst kindness is greater than an emotional experience alone, it has been demonstrated to have a clear emotional undercurrent; namely, compassion. The momentary thought-action tendency sparked by kindness is clearly an altruistic motivation or the urge to act pro-socially. Acts of kindness can build trust and acceptance between people, encourage social bonds, provide givers and receivers with the bene?ts of positive social interaction, and enable helpers to use and develop personal skills and thus themselves” (Kerr, et. Al., 2015). Kindness is being truthful and giving someone the truth in a loving way so that the person can be receptive to the truth and that it would be beneficial and helpful to the person. Being able to receive accurate and positive feedback in a caring and loving way is important to express true kindness within all trusted relationships. Kindness requires bravery and the courage to extend and receive the truth is an important tool so that everyone can grow in knowledge and as well in their thinking process. Kindness also means to be kind one’s self. To do a self-examination, one should themselves if they are being kind to themselves. Self-affirmation is one way to be individually kind to one’s self and being a good steward. There are numerous ways to extend kindness and there are several ways and opportunities to practice kindness. Possibly the act of kindness is a true jewel and a value that can enhance and increase happiness, strength, and satisfaction in all forms of relationships.

Why Is Kindness Taken for Weakness?

Kindness is being thoughtful, displaying generosity, and caring but, it also has the reputation of being weak. Some people’s perception of kindness is a person who is emotionally weak and “soft”, while the other individual who is mean and rude, disregards kindness from others, when the kind person is brave, tough, intriguing socially, and is admired by many people. There are many people such as leaders, managers, and many other people who are in leadership who chooses to express kindness even though they are in leadership. There are several circumstances when a boss must fire an employee. Even though the situation is not the best situation to be in, the boss in charge is able to fire the employee using kindness and consideration for the employee. “A business leader has to be tough - but there are ways to combine toughness with caring and compassion” (Leading with Kindness: Case Studies in Compassionate Management, 2009). Some may think that leaders who are kind to others are a sign of weakness or passiveness when in fact, these are the opposite of passiveness. These types of leaders live the life of treating others with the same respect that they expect others to treat them. People who automatically perceive people who are kind are weak are missing out on some great people in their lives. Furthermore, these individuals tend to take people’s kindness for granted. The truth is there are great people in this world who genuinely love and care for others’ well-being. These kind souls make the world a better and peaceful place. Close minded individuals should start opening their minds to more positive ways of living instead of thinking negative and believing that every kind person is weak; they should appreciate the kindness that extended to them.

How Can Kindness Be Enforced?

To enforce kindness, one should make a goal each morning to show compassion towards others daily. The betterment of society rests, in part, on the promotion of kindness and compassion. Compassion not only builds positive relationships it is also vital for mental health and adaptation” (Mongrain, et. Al., 2018). When the individual wakes up in the morning, one should decide to do perform a certain act of kindness that day. As the person this act of kindness and begin to put forth more effort daily, this type of loving behavior will begin to be healthy habit. Setting this goal of kindness will increase happiness, success and favor in one’s life. Eventually the person will realize that he or she has a reason to be kind to others and to themselves. Showing kindness can be a “wake-up call” for others as well. Showing appreciation is something that many forget to do. Everyone should always and deserve to feel and to be appreciated. Telling someone thank you does not take along time to say. Letting someone know that they are appreciated could mean a lot to someone. Some do not realize how much the phrase “thank you” or “I appreciate you” will make someone’s day or life so much better. “At a deepest level, the gift of gratitude is our resounding tribute to the universe for all its anonymous blessings: This is how we show our appreciation to the universe for all its gifts, its bounties, and its blessings. By appreciating these gifts through gratitude, we also open our hearts to receive more that is still to come our way.” (Dhiman, 2010). This kind of kindness can be very impactful on one’s life. It is important to discover things to display kindness. Discovering what we believe can show compassion towards such as a donating to a local charity, assisting a friend with a personal problem or just a simple friendly conversation can make things enjoyable and memorable. Smile! Smiling can also make someone’s day. The smallest act of compassion can make one’s day brighter. Kindness goes a long way, and most of all; kindness matters.


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