Having a Little Kindness

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This is basically a poem that talk about the relationship between a mother and her children. One of the most important and fundamental persons to our lives and in this world are our mothers. There are very little things in life that our mothers can’t do for us. She will even move a mountains if necessary to save her children. This is why i chose this poem because this young lady narrates a poem about the love and and many lessson that she received from her mother. We all can agree There are so many different various characteristics of a mother such as being strong generous, caring and is always willing to help no only her children but her family \ friend and Neighbors or even a hungry stranger I think it’s just a type of motherly instance to want to help people as much as possible. The reason why i chose this poem was the fact that the Greeks the kings and queens will always treats any stranger that show up at their door with respect and kindness and they will even feed the and give them drinkss and give them shelter if they may need it. Despite the fact that they don’t know anything about them all their character. Those was the rules back then just take care of s person and then ask questions later about who they ate and where tjwy came from.

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“Having a Little Kindness”

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I believe it has some relations to the poem that I chose” it called i am my own mother by Stella

Stella talk a little about her mother and the type of Bond that they had growong up and the different things that she learn from her mom. There a very popular quotes that states that we should always give respect to each and every person we may come contact with weather is a stranger on the street or a neighbor that we don’t really talk to A co-worker or classmate, we just need to give respect and kindness to every Human Bean. I believe that we all can learn something from the Green and how to help out your neighbor or a strange that needs help if you are able to help them and after that I think that the world could be a much better place that it has been.

“ Hear me, le afera and chieftains of Phaeacia. I will tell you the promptings of my heart.”this foreigner i do nor know his name came wandering from west or east and showed up at my house.””let us assiant him, as we have before with other guests.” no visitor has ever been forced to linger in ny house.””we always give then Safe passage home.” in this poem they talk about hospitality, loyalty, and vengeance in each charter.

The odyssey Home book are different poem about the aftermath of war ,wealth,poverty,about family ftiends,hospitality, travelers wanting to get home to their familys dealing with loss,and much more.

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