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Activism is defined as an action or a specific policy of utilizing and using very dynamic campaigning and marketing to bring about political and social change within the economy and the world as a whole. I believe that the history that companies have in activism is that they use their exploits to a full advantage. When it comes to activism, I believe that the concept itself is similar to how one uses a marketing tool (snapchat, instagram, and facebook) to grow their fan base and followers. In a way, when it comes to activism, it is a form of marketing to help a company grow in a positive and efficient direction. For example: in the late 1970’s, there was a activism of disable veterans from the World War 1 to the Gulf war who were actively seeking medical services, education, benefits, and even a jobs. At the time, this impacted the disability rights movements.

In the late 1970’s, people with disabilities occupied the sixth floor of the department of health, welfare, and education for 25 days to protest the secretary knows as Joseph Califano. To help the veterans, activist groups protested and fought for the rights for these veterans. The activist groups did strikes, made signs, and made campaigns on behalf of the rights for these amazing veterans. In current day, there are massive activist groups that fight for a greater cause in this society. The biggest group that I can honestly think of is the groups that fight for the LGBTQ rights. When it comes to our modern society, the biggest problem is gender equality. There are countries that have a gender issues for instance: India and Iraq. These countries are known for their reputation as males being the absolute dominant species, which is not right.

With the rise of unions, I believe that the turn of the 20th century with activism has crossed over. in this day and age, activism movements and plots to how a group markets are the same as before. For instance, campaigning, making signs, and even strikes are still in full effect, which were also in full effect in the past. In a way, as time progresses, society and procedures tend to evolve within our technology. I will say that the procedures and everything overall has changed within activism but at the same time, it only changed because of technology. The definition and the reason towards activist groups has not changed which means technically, activism from the earlier days till now, that has not changed.

The industry that I feel more enlightened about activism is the human rights groups. When it comes to human rights, I am enlightened about the gender equality movement and how certain groups really take stride in the hopes for a positive future in the gender equality sector. In a way, in this day and age, men and women are not treated as equals. In my personal perspective from being in the military and from working in the civilian world, I have witness a disconnect in treatments towards men and women. At times, men are treated with more superiority than females while at times, females are more pampered than males. It is absolutely respectful to how human rights groups demonstrate a better cause and show an effort for a better future, such as the YWCA of the city of New York City and other groups.

Historic figures associated with the YW and NYC are of the following: Dorothy height- Born on March 24th , 1912 in Richmond, VA. Dorothy Height is an African American activist that spent her life fighting for civil rights and women rights. During her living and tenure as an activist, Dorothy Height was the president of the National council of Negro Women and one of the most influential and leaders of the civil rights movements while also defending for women rights. Vanessa K. Bush- Vanessa K. Bush is an award winning journalist who has won the “W” award which is the highest award that the YWCA will give. Vanessa was awarded due to her efforts and because she is a innovator, a visionary, a trendsetter, and she fully embodies the spirit of the ywca of the city of new york.

Alejandra Y. Castillo, Esq- Alejandra is the CEO of the YWCA of the City of New York. While serving as the CEO of the YWCA of the City of New York, she has served over 2 million women and girls al around the country and in more than 40 states. Alejadra was even appointed by former President Obama administration to serve as their nation director of minority business development agency while becoming the very first Hispanic American women to lead the agency. Alejandra has become a great influence within our society and she is the reigning and a great figure towards the human rights movement and towards women equality rights as a whole.

The YW serves girls that are 9-24, but they have a network of corporate women leaders that they want to cultivate. The topics that would be of interest to each of these groups are how to live in society, deal with sexism, and deal with racism. In this day and age, sexism and racism is a big issue. Men and women are constantly in a battle to which species are the more dominant. In some states and countries, women are viewed as the inferior species as to oppose to the men, which is not a good thing at all. I believe that the biggest voices that will affect these newer generations are the famous voices. Getting celebrities involved within the human rights and gender equality issues is very imperative. I believe that it is important to show the world and educate the kids and young adults about what this world consists of and how to deal with it.

In the younger generation, I believe that Vanessa K. Bush would be a great influence because of her age and the fact that she did grow up and witness to what this newer generation consists of. With Vanessa K. Bush, she is an amazing and efficient journalist who did change the world hence why she was awarded the “W” award on behalf of the YWCA of the City of New York. In the more older generation, I believe that the best influence that would be the most efficient towards that specific generation, it would be Dorothy Height.

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