Does Gender Affect Memory?

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Have you ever gotten into an argument with your siblings about who did something first, or you think something happens to you one time and your sibling thinks it happened another time? Many parts of the brain work together to help you remember certain things. Sensory, short term, and long term memory are the main terms heard when referring to memory. Sensory memory will only last a few seconds, short term memory a few days or weeks, and long term memory could be years or maybe the rest of your life. Scientists believe that memory is a little more complicated than what people think. Scientists believe that 20% of the human brain is made up of nerve cells in the midbrain that is a humans main source of memory. This is what memory can do for one, help one become a smarter person, help one become a more mature person, and help one live out a healthy lengthy life.

Memory is important for many reasons, but one huge reason memory is so important is because it can help become a more knowledgeable person. The reason one is able to answer a question is because one knows the answer. The reason one knows the answer is because one remembers it from when it was taught or provided. It all depends on how interested one was, or how much a person was paying a tension when something was said to him or her. If one is interested in a subject they will remember it, just like if one is paying attention, one will remember what was said to him or her. If one is showing little interest or barely paying a tension. Then the information that was provided to one is not going to be useful because the information will not be remembered. If one shows no interest or is not paying attention at all the information that was provided will not even be consumed by the brain. That is why it is important to pay close attention to one who is providing information that could be needed in the future.

Another reason memory is important is because it can help one to become a more mature person. It does so by one recalling events or experiences one has had in the past with an object or a human. A common phrase used by humans today is “learn from your mistakes” humans do this by recalling bad experiences that have happened in the past and doing the opposite the next time to get a better result of the issue. There are many examples of this, but a recurring mistake commonly made by humans is going to bed too late. One may have tests the next morning a be too tired to pass. The next time one is faced with a decision to either go to bed, or stay up later, one will recall past events and make the right choice this time. Memory can help one make the right choice.

The main and most impactful thing memory does for humans is help humans live. One may not recall these “memories” because the memories occurred when one was so little one cannot remember. This is where muscle memory comes into play. Eating, drinking, and sleeping are all things humans need. Humans know this because humans have common sense. So they do these things based off of muscle memory. Muscle memory is memory that one may not have in the brain, but the bodies know what to do because one has done it all his/her life. One does it so many times that it becomes second nature, and one knows when to do so, how to do so, and why one needs to do so. Getting the basic necessities the human body requires can and will expand a human being life.

Bringing an end to the discussion above, memory is a main component of a humans life and helps humans in ways that humans could not imagine. To remembering a math problem, to doing chores, sleeping, and so much more. Memory allows humans to reach full potential and live life with a purpose. If it was not for memory, the paper above would not have been written, One would be laying in a bed sleeping not knowing what to do. Humans should be extremely thankful for memory

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