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Demographics According to Morocco Demographics Profile 2018 (2018), Morocco’s demographics signify that there “is a demographic transition”. It is currently in its third phase, according to Population Analysis for Policies & Programs this means that “birth rates begin to decline, and the rate of population growth decelerates” (PAPP101, n.d.). According to Index Mundi-Morocco’s Demographic Profile (2018), the age structure is as follows, “0-14 years: 25.77%, 15-24 years: 17.04%, 25-54 years: 42.32%, 55-64 years: 8.13%, 65 years and over: 6.74% with a low fertility rate of 2.11 children born per woman.” As seen by the numbers its population is growing, there is a significant growth in the older population, however there is less births. These numbers reflect the wide use of contraceptives, family planning, as well as a growing population of females receiving more education.

The number of young adults is actually increasing; however they are not really contributing to Morocco’s economy, a lot of them have to emigrate to other countries-mainly European countries to attain worthwhile jobs. Due to conflicts with Algeria some of Sub Sahara’s population were attempting to flee to Spain and Italy through Morocco (Robinson, 2017). However, at one-point Spain and Italy stopped accepting these refugees and some were deported back to their country of origin (Robinson, 2017). Others were able to stay in Morocco as refugees and some were granted a status of asylum. In this transition Morocco began to expand basic healthcare services to these refugees that did not want to go back to Sub Sahara. Religion and Culture Islam is practiced by almost all Moroccans, it dictates their lives in many ways.

Religion is a big contributor to the overall culture of Morocco. 99% are Sunni Muslims, with the remaining 1% being Christian, Jewish, and Bahai (Morocco Map-Worldatlas, n.d.). Morocco has a rich blend of culture due to the fact that it is heavily influenced by Berber, French, and African cultures (Morocco Map-Worldatlas, n.d.). Some of their architecture is French inspired. Morocco’s diversity is clearly represented in their cuisine. Social Justice Issues Some social injustice issues that contribute to health disparities in morocco are prevalent in Women. Religion is a huge contributor to this social injustice. They have little to no rights or laws that protect their livelihood. Morocco has also been accused of violating human rights, such as torture and inhuman murders on Sub-Saharan migrants and homosexuals.

There is also no freedom of press, those who actually dare to to speak up tend to face torture or death (Morocco/Western Sahara 2017/2018. (2018) n.d.), n.d.). These social injustices further contribute to Morocco’s decline in advancing as a country. MDG goals Morocco Participated In Morocco participated in all 8 Millennium Development Goals (MGD’S): 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. Achieve universal primary education 3. Promote gender equality and empower women 4. Reduce child mortality 5. Improve maternal health 6. Combat HIV/Aids, Malaria and other diseases 7. Ensure environmental sustainability 8. Develop a global partnership of development Improve Maternal Health & Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women As stated by the World Bank Group (2015), “Morocco is one in 9 regions of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region to adopt a plan to improve child and maternal health.” When enforced, Morocco’s government will primarily focus on the planning, implementing, and follow up of free health related services for men and women.

Furthermore, this plan is set to benefit populations with lower coverage due to difficulties accessing health services, shortage of trained health care workers, and low-quality services. World Bank Group (2015) found “Morocco’s government enforces this plan by offering services for free, updating of equipment and infrastructure, and to provide adequate training for health care workers.” As a visual representation, the United Nations has documented data regarding Morocco’s progress regarding MDG’s. For example, United Nations (2015) reported, the reduction of maternal mortality has a value of 310 in the year of 1990 and improved with a 61% decrease by the year of 2013. Also, access to contraceptive and family planning have individually rose to at least 50% improvement.

As a combined effort, Morocco’s improvement in maternal health transcends through the governments combined efforts.  On the other hand, the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women in Morocco suffered tremendously. World Bank Group (2015) stated “Morocco's objective was to promote women's empowerment to achieve a more inclusive, open, and prosperous society.” However, when the data is analyzed women's economic participation is at 26%, the lowest in the world, and has not changed since 1990. As a result, Morocco women continue to be discriminated in social, economic, and political aspects because of social and cultural norms.

Again, as researched by the United Nations (2015), the three primary targets used to promote gender equality: equal girls’ enrollment in primary school, women's share paid of employment, and equal representation in national parliament. As interpreted from given data, Morocco has not improved in regard to the equality of women. The improvement of maternal health and promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women are best achieved together because women’s equality is associated with outcomes that are predictive of maternal and child mortality. For example, only when women are granted greater abilities and enforce more positive gender norms, then gender equality is rightfully seen as a mean to give women access to life-saving care and treatment for themselves and their children.

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