Brazil Gender Equality and Suicide Rate

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Brazil has been trying to make strides in gender equality for years now, they gave men and women the same access to education, improved maternal health, and there’s even a lower pregnancy rate for young woman, but it is still far from equal. Why is this? they seem to have the right formula, but they are still struggling to integrate indigenous and non white woman into the prestigious working class. There seems to still be a societal prejudice against Afro-Brazilian and indigenous woman. The femicide rate among these women increased 103% in the past ten years. This is a problem considering the southern portion of south America has very low rate of these domestic violence cases. The indigenous woman have it the worse by far, that average homicide rate for Afro-Brazilian woman was 4.6 per 100,000, but compare that to the 7.3 per 100,000 indigenous homicide rate and you can see that it is almost doubled.

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“Brazil Gender Equality and Suicide Rate”

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The rate of suicide among indigenous women is also doubled. So not only are they struggling with their native woman, but especially struggling when trying to integrate some more primitive cultures. This can likely be caused by the control of land battle always going on in the northeast parts of Brazil. It seems that they have resisted their land being taken and when the government attempts to drive them away. Now this isn’t a direct problem for our business, but it definitely appears that the woman of these groups are often disrespected and objectified. Now aside from violence, is there a silver lining to the women’s opportunities?

This may not surprise you, but no, women’s wages equaled 71% of what the average male earns in a fiscal year. This is one of largest wage gaps in South America and the gap only grow when it comes to highly educated professionals. This applies directly to the comparison of Afro-Brazilian women compared to not only men, but also white women. For some added perspective, their woman who completed secondary education earn just half of what men earn with the exact same level of education. It is obvious that women are treated differently in Brazil and it is unfortunate that they are not as equal rights as we are and this could definitely be a cultural obstacle our team will have to circumvent by expanding on our agile delivery. How can they start to progress beyond this obvious gender injustice? The starting point would be the government and having a stronger pro-women representation.

Unfortunately, women represent just under 13.6% of seats in the senate, far below the rest of South America that has an average of 26%. The Inter-Parliamentary Union ranked Brazil 113th in the world in their category of ‘Amount of Women in National Parliaments.’ Brazil is by no means a modern-day society when it comes to their gender objectification. They face many problems that the average developed nation does not when it comes to the lack of woman in these key roles in business. It all starts with improving the conditions in these impoverished areas which contain a lot of adolescent pregnancy. Once you can get a control on the economy and the dispersion of wealth women can find more opportunities because of it, possibly in congress where they can properly be heard. By any means, we must show them that women excel in these roles when given the opportunity.

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