What is Gender Equality

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Research question: ‘’Even though gender equality is being framed as ''stifling'' economic growth, how we can build up more equal United Kingdom? ‘’ Title of research: Even though gender equality is being framed as ''stifling'' economic growth, there is still a possibility more equal United Kingdom. Objectives:

  •  To identify how people in United Kingdom could be more equal even though gender equality is shifting economic growth.
  •  To centralise why is politically important women and men to be equal.

Before 1918 no women were allowed to vote in parliamentary elections. In the 20th century, there were two groups active in the campaign for women's suffrage. This led to women to have the right to vote. However, regarding statistics, in the 21st Century, The United Kingdom was on sixth place down of gender equality. Despite promises from Members of Parliament to make women's and men's rights more equal, The United Kingdom has dropped to 15th place. For example, regarding Brexit, even though a couple of women who were journalists, had the right to appear on TV because of the referendum, the campaign was still dominated by men because their opinion for women is that their vote will be based on emotions and issues related to maternity leave policies.

Not only women are politically harmed, but statistically they are more prone to poverty than men. In groups of poverty includes women who are single mothers and women of older age. Moreover, everyone is aware of the fact that if these women do not have a high income, it means that they are not able to have the necessary level of education. The question is: When gender equality is being framed as ‘’stifling’’ economic growth, how we can build up more equal United Kingdom? This question has been given not enough discussion and consideration in the professional literature to date and is a question of importance for several reasons. I plan to research gender equalities in United Kingdom regarding Brexit. I will be arguing that although we are the 21st century, there are still women who do not have equal rights like men and are not allowed to vote and participate in political activities.

All things considered, I think this topic is important to research because this is not something that many people in some of the countries think about daily or believe. Most people have the opinion that women have asserted their rights over the years, but there is still inequality which is not prevented. To find the right answer to this question I will research literature connected to gender rights in the United Kingdom and how they develop. As I make the research and seek validated information, I will try to find ways to prevent this inequality from happening repeatedly.

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