Current Problem of Immigration

 The topic I am going to be talking about is about immigration , if it’s right for others to get treated badly and poorly just because of one’s opinion . During the holocaust hitler who was the president at the time had the power towards what happened throught the state . He didnt like the jewish because he had a bad incounter with once and since he had hatred towards all of them so he started this movement that was later known as he holocaust which was the killing and the unfairness of all jews , they would get seperated he moved them to one specific place , gathered all the jews from different stated and around the country and got tooken away from there home . They get treated badly. They lost everything they had. They got labeled as if they were animals of some sort . My question in this is why is it fair for someone to get mistreated just because one person has power and because of their opinion .

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“Current Problem of Immigration”

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The problem about immigration has gotten better throughout the years there has been deportation happening before but since today the president we have he has hate towards Mexicans it has become a bigger problem recently . There’ve been many protests about these people giving their opinions and how they feel about it . It has happened in front of the white house where many people gather together and speak what’s in their mind in posters drawing and even pictures included of families being torn apart . Reasoning behind the president not liking Mexicans is because just like Hitler he had a bad counter with one and ever since then he dislikes them all and thinks they are all bad . The main ones being affected by this are Mexicans. Many families are being torn apart , kids are being left behind while they see their parents being taken away from them . Kids are being taken into buildings where they sleep on the floor and have rough things that they use as blankets . It’s affecting because someone is just getting picked up and taken to a whole different country without warning, no nothing, just getting picked up and leaving . When you think about its scary knowing that it could be your family anyday getting separated they have their whole life planned and settled and then overnight they have to start somewhere else . For example the story of lourdes salazar , she had left mexico to come join her husband luis quintana that had been here for a decade . They lived in Denver a couple years later. They had three kids aged 14 , 16 , and 20 . Even though they were undocumented they both had a stable job , Ms. bautista in cleaning houses and attending and helping churches , while Mr. quintana worked in construction . Everything was fine until one day Mr. Bautista got detained by immigration and customs enforcement officers. They kept her for 23 days in custody .They allowed her to stay in the US to care for her children but her husband Mr. Quintana had to be deported . She was granted to stay in the US but had to renew her deportation every year with the separation of her husband being taken away. It was hard for her and the kids they were heartbroken because their dad was taken away and they did not know if he was okay killed Ms. bautista . Couple years later in 2017 Ms,bautista couldn’t renew it anymore and they deported her that same month with a 10 year re entry ban . She had to leave her ids behind until a couple months later they had to leave to mexico to be with their parents it took a big toll on them because they had to leave everything behind and adjust to the mexico way which is way different than the US and they were born and raised in the US it was hard for them to get involved into activities because they knew no one . Ms. Bautista stated in the article “ I returned 20 years later and the situation is worse “ . It was harder for her to get a job because things had changed then when she used to be there . One of their daughters the oldest had to stay behind because she was in college soon there other daughter had left back as well to finish high school and go to college as well .

Now looking at the story and seeing how heartbreaking it is a family who only came to do better for their kids being seperated for no reason . Just imagining how it could be you or any other family is horrible because of the pain and suffering they’ll have to go through having to move on without your parents being there at a young age , going off onto something big in life like college , graduating and your parents missing out on big things like that is sad because 9 times out of 10 thats the main goal a parent has that has came to the US to see there kids becoming successful which was something they all didn’t do .

If this problem doesn’t get solved there would be many families being torn apart because of this , yes there’s bad in everyone but just it being blamed on one race is not right and even though some see it right but that’s their opinion because it couldn’t be them going through that because they’re from here US. It’s not us families being torn apart many would die as well because of where there being placed in it is not a sanitary place its like there in rison and the ones being kept there are kids there have been two kids reported that have died in those places there being held in because its been said that there being feed right or taking medications that they need , and that shows how the run because how could someone do that to kids that are as small as a couple months all the way to 10 years old .

A way to help this or prevent this from happening is people seeing the wrong in this not everyone is bad . Helping out other families in need instead of just seeing them suffer , for the government to do something to make the hurting go away , because many people feel like there’s no one that cares about them because of the way they are being treated . When protesting for them to actually pay attention to the signs and take the time out of their day to see the hurting in people and to think of others instead of themselves . If people just sit there how they have been and ignoring it that wouldn’t help that will probably make things worse and getting people mad and making them rage and actually do things that everyone is claiming them to be doing .  

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