Effects of Immigration under Trump Administration

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One of Trump's central campaign promises was to reduce the rate of immigration as his way of promoting America's security and secure jobs for its citizen. True to his pledge, Trump administration has made a significant effort both through executive orders and rhetoric to cut down on the number of immigrants entering America. Trump war on immigration has elicited a heated debate both in and out of America as the president has faced a lot of criticism for his hard stance against immigration while others have supported the president. However, despite the fierce debate among the two antagonizing sides, almost everyone concurs that Trump policies have a significant effect on immigration.
One significant challenge that this Trump administration could end up creating is the reduction in the labor force as people who could prove resourceful in the U.S and would seek legal ways of entering the U.S are affected because of Trump policies (Hauslohner and Ba Tran).

There is a possibility that some multinationals that depend on skill-labor provided by immigrant might end up setting offices in countries that have lenient immigration policies. Some of the countries that are worst hit by the ban include Somali, Libya, Syrian, and Iran as Trump cites security reasons for restricting individuals from such countries. However, the ban seems to be affecting countries that are considered friendly to America. According to Hauslohnera and Ba Tran countries such as India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Mexico whose immigrant play a crucial role in America's economy by providing both skilled and unskilled labor have seen a drop in the visa application. Even though there is a small positive impact of Trump policies in reducing the rate of unemployment I am skeptical about the effects of war on immigration in the long run. The biggest question that lingers in most American's mind is the contribution of Trump policies to America's economy as there is a possibility that restriction on immigration will result in a shortage of workers.

Another concern with Trump immigration policy is his use of executive orders to circumvent the resections placed on him by courts. Mayda and Peri criticize Trump Executive Orders (EO) such as the EO 13768 to accelerate deportation of aliens, EO 13767 that aims to build a wall at the U.S southern border with Mexico and EO 13789 that seeks to tighten the application process for Visa. Most of the restrictions proposed by Trump will significantly reduce the number of immigrants entering America. For instance, Hauslohner and Ba Tran note that Amendments to the State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual to place the burden of proof that they will not be a burden to the government is meant to deny visa applicant chances to enter the U.S.

The perceived impact of Trump policies are adequately summarized and better explained in Pierce, Bolter, and Selee in a Migration Policy Institute project titled US Immigration Policy under Trump: Deep Changes and Lasting Impacts. The authors attribute the reduction of the number of visas to Trump stringent policies and his harsh rhetoric. Trump administration has reduced the number of immigrants by limiting on humanitarian programs, ending previous administrations protective measures and improving on immigration enforcement. Pierce and her colleagues provide a detailed explanation supported by data and facts cited from various sources on how the Trump administration is tackling the immigration menace. Some of the issues that point towards Trump policies resulting in the reduction in immigration are the reduced number of visa applicants, increased number of deportation and an increase in the number of people arrested seeking asylum in Canada (Pierce et al.) Trump is facing a lot of resistance and lack of support from the Congress, Courts and local government but he has skillfully used administrative measures to push his vision through.

Trump immigration policies have faced criticism for being cruel especially when it comes to families and children. Some of the reasons that the courts have found Trump policies cruel include violation of human rights such as separation of families, detention of asylum seekers and of children as a deterrent to people who would wish to be immigrant in America (Mayda and Peri). The issue of separation children from their parents has raised a lot of outcries as children are subject to mental harm and their health and educational needs are threatened (Nicholson). Any parents who have children and wishes to immigrate to America may not fancy seeing their kids undergoing such a situation. Therefore, those inhuman practices condoned in the Trump administration might deter people from immigrating to America. Given all the negatives associated with Trump immigration policies there is a need for its reversal as it betrays American values and against the U.S constitution in protecting individual rights either illegal or legal migrants.

In conclusion, different people have various opinions on the impact of Trump immigration policies on immigrants. Trump administration fight on immigration has discouraged people from migrating to America as other face deportation at an alarming rate. If the same trend continues, Trump risks affecting America's economy and workforce. Other concerns regarding Trump policies are that they are against the U.S constitution and violate human rights which might discourage individuals from immigration to America.

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