Effects of Culture Shock

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According to the conclusions of some literatures, cultural shock has brought us a lot of influence (Chapdelaine et al., 167-184). First and foremost are negative effects, this is clearly reflected in our lives. For example, when people live in foreign countries, they cannot adapt to local eating habits, experience different etiquettes and rules, and communicate difficultly with locals.

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Further, this cultural shock will bring people spiritual negatives. The different behavior patterns of immigrants make them seem to be mentally disturbed, and they often protect themselves to avoid making stupid mistakes, which makes them exhausted (Li 70-74). Generally, although newcomers will encounter greater cultural shocks, these effects may always be accompanied by foreigners. The effects of culture shock are not a simple trajectory, it will appear in different forms at different stages of your life. From the surface level impact at the beginning of arrival to the deep problems that arise over time (Nerone).

In general, it is impossible to completely eliminate cultural shocks??? but it is necessary to reduce the negative impact of cultural shocks. If these negative factors continue to affect new immigrants, it will bring disappointment to them and even prompt them to return to their homeland. Therefore, this subject is significant, especially for international students. Since they are facing heavy academic pressure at the same time, if they are not handled well, they will be overwhelmed (Yale). However, there is a strong voice that culture shock is benefit and necessary. Some scholars believe that the study of cultural shocks is too much of a negative reason. Although the cultural shock inevitably brings some negative factors, it can also be understood as a cross-cultural learning process, which is a normal and even necessary improvement (Nerone). According to the establishment of some scientific models and the analysis of data, the accumulation of cultural shock and knowledge is proportional to the long-term trend (Nerone).

Usually, if people accept and learn these differences of culture will allow people to communicate normally and integrate into the new environment more quickly. What methods can be used to study this cultural shock in cross-cultural communication and give a reliable answer? Some scientific studies use advanced models, such as Alternative Social Skills and Culture Learning Model of Culture Shock to analyze the answers that are closest to the facts (Chapdelaine et al., 167-184). Besides, it is necessary to have some practical data support and recovery of feedback after personal experiences. For this reason, making a questionnaire to collect people’s actual situation also is a reliable and useful method. First, collect personal information such as gender, age and family status and base the essay questionnaire as these factors will affect the degree of response of new immigrants to cultural shock. Then, behaviors in the new environment, communication groups and solution by self or others are also studied as important conditions (Chapdelaine et al., 167-184). After reading a lot of academic articles and refining some specific clauses, a questionnaire that basically covers the important conditions of cultural conflicts is made. In the end, a total of 22 volunteers’ answers were collected and listed in detail (Figure 1).

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