Solutions for Undocumented Immigrants

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The United States has an immigration issue that has left the nation unbelievably isolated. The issue has less to do with our borders than what to do with current undocumented foreigners. There have been various bills made to address the circumstances around the question of undocumented immigrants. The issue lies in ousting individuals who have been living here since they were kids and also expelling families who have kids who are American natives. Monetarily, mass extradition would be unfavorable. So from both a social and financial perspective mass expulsion of people would be an unsafe solution to the current crisis.

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“Solutions for Undocumented Immigrants”

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The new administration is quite strict about immigration policies and they have devised new regulations which strengthened the immigration process and a border wall was suggested, moreover a total of 6 Muslim majority countries were barred from entering the U.S. These are some of the steps taken by the Trump administration. Immigration has been widely discussed in the media and the political scene in the country. As has been previously stated there are better alternatives the administration could follow instead of expelling everybody from the nation. In this report policy brief alternatives will be listed.


Since around 2001, there has been a ton of attempts to create new migration strategy that would profit some undocumented workers and diminish the uncertainty possible expulsion of individuals who currently live in dread of deportation. A noteworthy administrative piece of legislation known as the DREAM Act had been at the forefront of migration change. As indicated by a 2014 report from Pew Research there are about 11.3 million undocumented immigrants, who under the DREAM Act just about 1.7 million of these outsiders would perhaps be qualified for this program. Nonetheless, this proposed act failed in 2001 and has not been passed in any form, regardless of what legislation it has been joined to.

The then President Obama, who somewhat kept running on significant migration change, issued an executive order, that extraordinarily helped a substantial class of undocumented migrants as well as giving them a way to citizenship. The order stopped the expulsion of undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States under the age of 16 were younger than 30, currently in school, post-secondary school, veterans, and those without a criminal record. This executive order likewise enabled undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, work grants, schools, and additionally the right to medical coverage. In-state educational cost. This executive order by the President is known as DACA. After that President Obama made another executive order, which extended DACA and additionally halted the expulsion of those born in the U.S and with no criminal record.


There are different alternatives the administration could follow for a better solution to the current crisis. Expelling so many people from the country would not be a good solution. The government should extend current undocumented immigration arrangement to incorporate the individuals who have lived here for a long time or have youngsters who are citizens. This will incorporate further actualizing the executive demands made by President Obama, which are at present being slowed down under a directive by a Texas local court, while the court decides whether these official demands can be deemed legal. These projects will help numerous undocumented immigrants who fear deportation.

An option to the immigration executive order made by President Obama is to do the correct inverse and endeavor to extradite every one of the 12 million undocumented migrants to their respective nations. This arrangement will endeavor to coercively locate every undocumented outsider, rather than trusting that workers commit an error with green cards or commit a wrongdoing. This will incorporate expanded pursuits of individuals and their documentation, particularly in outskirt states. Something like this enactment has been passed in Arizona where police were permitted to apprehend anybody they suspected of being an undocumented worker for confirmation of citizenship or legal residency.

Finally, there can be no new enactment so neither change nor extraordinary extradition will happen. There can simply be an expansion in border security to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants to enter the United States wrongfully. This will mean financing coordinated efforts towards building bigger dividers or fences and additional labor in all places on the border with high measures of unlawful entry.


A noteworthy rule that should be considered is each alternative’s monetary effect. Will there be economically determined, or will it help the United States’ economy. This will be determined by the assets that states will require. What will likewise be considered is in the event that it is reasonable for the citizens as well as undocumented foreigners. This will decide whether the arrangement will be expanded absolution or extraordinary expulsion. This will be estimated by the components that could happen in either circumstance, for example, an expansion/diminishment in employment development, training, or wrongdoing rates. In conclusion, we will decide if these arrangements can work in the long haul, both for residents and foreigners, and in addition its long run effect to the nation’s economy. We will decide this by embedding an answer briefly to quantify the effect in a little area, rather than do it in a vast scale over the United States. What makes a difference most is the effect on the welfare of the United States, regardless of whether it be fortifying our economy or debilitating the safety in our nation.


As of now, Obama’s first executive order is being actualized since it was reported in June 2012. DACA is a win that has enabled numerous individuals to accomplish objectives, for example, advanced education that wouldn’t have happened as expected generally. In any case, there will keep on being reaction on a reprieve that will be given to workers who entered the United States unlawfully. There is likewise the supposition that President Obama’s order offering absolution to a segment of undocumented outsiders in the United States will give attract more illicit movement, as individuals may trust they have a higher shot of citizenship under the new projects. There is additionally the monetary effect to consider whenever expanded migration could happen after the implementation.

Anyway, mass deportation is additionally considered to a great degree exorbitant on the grounds that it will require a lot more officers. It can likewise be viewed as racially one-sided on the grounds that officers will check numerous individuals’ documentation and can be considered as racially profiling. A bill that executed this sort of checking was made in Arizona and is known as Arizona SB 1070. The Supreme Court of the United States struck three of the four arrangements in this law down as it was found to abuse the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. It produced huge contention all through the United States as just minorities; principally Hispanics would be checked for their residency status.

Not permitting immigration reform and letting expulsion continue will not encourage the United States, its nationals, or any undocumented outsiders who live in the United States right now. Just expanding border security will no doubt negatively affect the United States. It could impede family connections and cause many persevering people to be extradited and not help better the United States.


Allowing amnesty for an extensive number of outsiders will be greatly advantageous to families who have been living here for a considerable length of time. It will permit better edvaction for these kids and also keep families together. Youngsters whose guardians are ousted will in general wind up forgotten, which helps nobody. Expanded expelling can help with the issue of US citizens paying for undocumented foreigners and furthermore open up assets for subjects. In any case, there will probably illicit movement. It will be quite expensive to house undocumented workers until their official expulsion.

Expanded border security may somewhat stem more unlawful outsiders from entering yet it is insufficient. Not making out of here settlers will have huge long run impacts on the economy and also social equity in the United States. There will more than likely be an issue of unlawful foreigners if nothing is done to change.


I trust that the best arrangement going ahead will be to concede pardon through DACA and DAPA. There are numerous undocumented foreigners who need better lives and they can help improve the United States too. The United States was based on the dreams of immigrants with hopes and dreams also. It the ideal financial arrangement, as it can create employment advertise and also cause entrepreneurs of new businesses and is the most economical of the three elective arrangements.

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