Refugees VS European Countries

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After reading many articles, I have come across many alarming issues going on in North Africa and the Middle East. The fact of the matter is that many citizens come from these places that were once their home towns or villages, yet they are now displaced and are looking for a way out for a better life. Many of these citizens of North Africa and the Middle East are escaping violence, war, hunger and many more factors that are taking a toll on their lives because of the environment surrounding them. As a result, these citizens have turned into refugees who are now fleeing their home towns and villages in order to seek asylum from a number of European countries. As these refugees are trying to escape for a better life, some are welcomed by most European countries, while other countries do not want refugees at all. For example, Lebanon is one of the few european countries who have taken in a lot of refugees. These refugees are mainly Syrians and Palestine refugees.

According to an article titled Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2017-2020, the conflict in Syria has affected the social and economic growth of the country, and as a result, they have seeked a response plan in order to rebuild the country and better help the refugees. For instance, the LCRP are working to provide safekeeping, stability and all the needed resources for the refugees as well as their own people. In addition, Lebanon is also trying to rebuild and strengthen the country. Lebanon's main focus is to team up with different international and national aids with their provided help and resources in order to strengthen their social and economic growth as well as the country's environmental stability. Moreover, Lebanon wants to offer the best humanitarian services they can to all of the displaced refugees.

While Lebanon is one of the few that will take in refugees, Israel is a country deeply affiliated with the European Union, and so, even though refugees are not welcomed, Israel has a large population of people of european descent. The Prime Minister of Israel is named Benjamin Netanyahu, and he is very anti-refugee. According to the web article The Guardian, a deal was agreed upon between Netanyahu and the United Nations refugee agency which is now being postponed due to Netanyahu wanting to reconsidered the terms of the deal. The original deal was to resettle the displaced African asylum seekers; however, now Netanyahu wants these refugees to leave Israel within three months, or they will face harsh consequences such as prison. Netanyahu states that the people coming into the country are not refugees, but instead they are infiltrators looking for work.

We have expelled about 20,000 and now the mission is to get the rest out, Mr Netanyahu said.In conclusion, I feel as though countries should have welcoming arms for refugees because in most cases, these refugees are migrating away from dangerous environments and they often seek help from other countries who can do better by them. What I mean by that is these surrounding countries can offer these refugees with better stability and resources than before. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to do better by themselves or by their families and because they do not have the proper stability or resources to do so, they seek out help in hopes that these countries will take them in and provide them with the needed aid in order to survive. Most of these refugees are stereotyped and discriminated against just because of where they come from. But in fact, these people are trying to escape the hardships and bad environments to do good rather than harm. I would react to these crisis that refugees go through with utter disgust. If I possessed the power and resources, I would implement some type of program or organization that would help provide aid and temporary stability for refugees until they got back on their feet.

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