Immigration Children in Detention Center

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Did you ever wonder how it started or became to be separating children from the families and putting them in detention centers? Just to let you know it wasn’t Trump’s idea or the one who created this horrible system. The system was originated before Trumps presidency and many people believe who started it was either ex president Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or even the Democrats. During this controversy Barack Obama originally detained about twice as many children separated from there parents during his 8-year presidency. Separating kids from there families and putting the children in detention center are growing because there are a lot of people crossing the border.

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“Immigration Children in Detention Center”

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When talking about immigration that children are being separated from their parents and sent to detention centers you have to consider the out come result such as how they are being treated, if they will see their families again and the consequences. Well because right now it’s a real problem happening between the border and what Trump is begging too much for the wall to be built. When children are being detained the children are separated put into these types of concentration camps which are located in Arizona and I believe also in some parts of Texas. But at the end they have to stop because it’s not right to separate children from their parents, that is not human like.

You have to consider how they are being treated. Such as like if they being treated good, bad or average, like are they even being treated fairly. There have been some reports from these children saying that during there detain they had to either sit or lay on the floor made of concrete which was cold. They would have trouble sleeping during the night and that guards would be kicking their feet. Also they would be hungry after they were given some frozen food such as like frozen sandwiches a weird smelly food. Also the children inside of these centers where living in bad conditions. For example, toilets would be filthy, they would be given a small thin blanket that looked like aluminum foil, running water would be scarce and much more. Also they are afraid during the future to come like if they would ever see their families ever again or not. There has been pictures on how these children are living, like pictures of kids inside these cages that you would keep animals or dogs inside.

 “Inside an old warehouse in South Texas, hundreds of children wait in a series of cages created by metal fencing. One cage had 20 children inside. Scattered about are bottles of water, bags of chips and large foil sheets intended to serve as Blankets.” (Graham). They would be cramp inside with no enough room to move and they were inside with different ages of children. You would hear children crying all day because they miss their parents and there afraid. One of my concerns for the children is how would they be treated like during medical wise. Will they attend the children right away or ignore them and let them suffer? Also since they are mix inside there cells with different ages they can be sexually harassed by one the person or it can be the guard doing the sexually harassment. Also during kids being held in detention center there would be some guards laughing at them and mocking them everyday. They have to treat them fairly even though their not from U.S. because to me it feels like it child abuse.

Also you have to consider the fact if the children will ever see their families again. Well because if the immigrants get detain/ caught when there crossing the border they will be separated from each other the parents and children. Each year about 440,000 immigrants are detained and about 12,000 are children. “By June 2018, over 2300 immigrant children and infants have been separated from their parents.” (Wood). Also at the end of May, nearly 10,773 immigrant children unaccompanied were apprehended. That is a lot of detainees and people crossing the border are still happening and it feels like it will never stop. Also, I don’t like the idea of separating children from their parents because at the end of the day the children would never find their parents never again maybe. When children are deported they can’t find their parents at all because they don’t know where they are or what happened to them. This also is the same situation with children’s parents as well because after they are separated from their kids they aren’t given information about where their children are going. Plus, the children can’t stay more than 3 days in the detention center, that would be illegal to keep them in more than 3 days. The detention centers aren’t for long period of time and they were meant for shorter periods. But after they have stayed for 3 days, they would be later on transported to the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Meaning the Office of Refugee Resettlement is part of the Department of Health/ Human Services. So separating children from the parents is a bad idea and plus the U.S./ government doesn’t have enough equipment or necessities to take care of thousands of children, they don’t have enough tools to do so. For instance, “immigration detention raises important issues of economic power and powerlessness. 

The private for-profit prison companies in securing government funding and support for increasing levels of immigration detention have the potential to override taxpayer interests in policies.” (Denise Gilman) Like separating them could cause health risk in the long run and also why are families taking the risk to cross the border with their children knowing if they get caught they could be separated from each other maybe forever. Why would you cross if knowing this would happen and if the children can’t even return home, there could be a chance that they will be adopted to another family and that family might treat that child bad or good. These children are suffering in the detention center crying, starving, scared and many more. But the negative things is that the public doesn’t know what are happening inside of these detention centers. Journalist or reporters aren’t allowed to bring cameras inside so they would use audio to record and the children would not be allowed to talk to them. For instance, “there was an audio of another woman, speaking in Spanish, telling the youngsters not to speak to the reporters.” (Bauder). Maybe it could be do to the fact that they don’t want the children to tell the truth about what is going on.

But at the end of the day there has to be consequences or some action needed to be done in this situation. Well because this must stop, there is no point of separating children from their parents if they all are going to get deported back to the countries either way. Instead of separating them, send them back together as a family like how they came in. But either way there are consequences for both parties because the one’s crossing the border can lose their children which they might never see again. For the other side it can be a bad representation the U.S. for being cruel because their separating children from there parents and that is giving the U.S. a bad sign/ stigma. Also it’s not right to keep children in detention centers and I am really against it because it put the children at high risk in there. They could be abused and harm in there and they will be living in bad conditions. Furthermore, the consequences of losing your kids when crossing the border is really sad and the chance of not seeing them grow is even more devastating. Crossing the border isn’t the risk because there could be 1 of a million chance you won’t be caught but at the end if you make it safe what are the chance of you finding a job. Also you can be caught in the United Sates easily now for little things.

Detention Centers are bad places and to keep children inside there for days because it’s not a healthy environment for them. There are at least 15 detention centers across the country were ICE is keeping held the immigrates who cross the border. That’s really a lot of detention centers and all of them being packed also. When you been detained and put in a detention center and if immigration doesn’t pick you up within the 48 hours, then they have to release you. The immigrates can get deported between weeks, the 90 days or even more days, it just depends on the situation and the paper work process. But at the end you have to consider the living condition in the detention center, will they ever so their families and the consequences. Separating children from there parents is a horrible thing and it should stop because America is the land of the free and not the country of separating children from there parents. The process of separating children from their parents was acted before Trump presidency and many believe that the democrats started it or Bill Clinton. The only thing that Trump did is change the policy which is called now is Zero Tolerance which they strictly enforce the law tight, like making it strong and hard to break.

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