The Effects of Gun Violence on the Society

The one thing that I think that should change in this world these days is gun violence. Because sometimes people take gun violence too far and they shouldn’t take it that far. School shootings, public places, and unlocked weapons.

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All schools these days are getting worse each day and more unsafe for these kids to attend school with all of these kids bringing guns to the school and shooting all of these kids and teachers. Like this need to stop right now these people don’t deserve to die especially the kids they’re too young there parents will never see them get married and have kids. It’s just sad what people do these days to the kids at school. No wonder why some kids are scared to go to school because they think that will happen to them one day and they will never see their families again.

The same thing goes for public shooting like the shooting at the clubs and concerts basically anywhere you go these innocent people are getting harmed and killed by these people who starts the shootings. I think the people who are causing these shootings need to get some help and get there life straight because they’re putting these kids and other people lives in danger and it just needs to stop because it makes me sick how these innocent people are dying because of these shootings.

Lastly, having guns unlocked and just laying around is really bad especially if you have kids. I think all weapons especially guns should be locked away in a safe or something so our kid can’t get to it. Because one day your child could find it and start playing around with it not knowing it’s real and there’s bullets in it and the child can accidently shoot itself or someone else and that’s not good because you can get sued and get charged a lot of money. I just want to change this so bad because of all of these innocent

People dying because of these shootings that are going on. I think guns should be locked away for good unless it’s an emergency. I think the only time we should use guns is for emergencies only. And not use guns just for fun because these kids will never grow up and have kids and get married. So this needs to end because I want this world to be a better place where everyone can be happy and safe, and doesn’t have to worry about shootings. And the kids can be safe going to school without all of this going on.

In conclusion, I would love to get rid of gun violence because of the school shootings, unlocked guns. And public shootings. I hope I can be able to change this one day because it would be amazing if I could just put an end to all of this.

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