The Issue of Gun Violence

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Don’t you just hate it when you hear about gun violence and how many shootings affected the safety of each and everyone of us in our schools? Well I have something to say about this. Time and time again, our government officials are promising reforms and new laws to protect us kids, but it’s just the same thing, they keep failing us all.

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“The Issue of Gun Violence”

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Yes, Gun Control is not the only answer to gun violence. One of my reasons is that there are already laws for the ownership of firearms. Let me mention several of them:

  1. You need to be at least 21 years old;
  2. You are never convicted of crime and went to prison for a year;
  3. You need to pass mental and physical (evaluation) testings;
  4. You need to keep the firearms out of reach of minor or you will be liable with any crime as a result of irresponsible handling;
  5. You cannot carry your firearm outside of your house unless you have special permit.

These laws are effective until somebody breaks it and planned to do harm to others. For the record, there have been 247 school shootings from 2013 to 2018. In most instances of these gun violence recorded, minors are able to get hold of their parents firearms and used it to harm students in school. Others are able to buy firearms in the black market. In some States, the background check and mental health evaluation of people trying to buy firearms are not strict enough. Although there are some strict laws to follow with the intention of protecting innocents like you and me. But why is it that gun violence still exist everywhere when we already have existing gun control laws? Well let me tell you .

There is nothing that we can do to stop gun ownership so people are not trying to find ways to prevent its use, especially one that will result to gun violence in school. For that reason, experts are coming up with simple but effective solutions that they think will stop or reduce the number of casualties and victims in an incident. Here are some of their suggestions:

  1. Increase the number of school Counselor with proper training to be accessible to more students with problems;
  2. Educate the parents in identifying signs of child’s aggressive behavior;
  3. Eliminate bullying in school. Bullying turns a good person into a bad and desperate individuals which is the main ingredient of revenge;
  4. Increase visibility of Uniformed Men during time that students are outside their school room especially at dismissal;
  5. Create school contingency program similar to earthquake drills;
  6. Teachers should be armed and trained to use one in case of emergency;
  7. School uniforms should be implemented to all K-9 grades to easily identify any outsider;
  8. More Team concept in school learning so nobody will feel let out. Loners are at high risk of doing harm to others.

Although some people may say Oh guns can protect us for self defense when were being attacked or threatened. Yes I know, but there are many more objects you can use for self defense such as batons, tasers, or pepper spray, at least these items can help you get away and hopefully save you. But gun ownership is a fundamental right of a person protected by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Nobody can deny you to have if you comply with the requirements. But be aware that owning a gun is already a risk affecting innocent lives of students! Also according to a student survivor from the latest mass shooting states that They say that tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence. and I agree since a law wouldn’t change people and how they use firearms.

So given a chance, I think the simple suggestions I mentioned will make an astounding result in reducing if not totally eliminating school gun violence. Prevention is always better than cure as they say. Those steps are simpler than another law requiring our politicians to vote. I’m hoping that actions are now being done and soon to be seen in our school system to avoid another useless loss of young lives which could be mine or anyone in the school around our country.

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