Gun Violence and Control

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Guns are a part of everyday life in America to an extent that many people outside the United States find hard to understand. According to the Pew Research Center, estimates of the number of guns in the United States range up to 310 million”which represents about one firearm for each person in the country (Allen 1-80). Gun regulation should be higher and background checks should be more in depth. Having a gun could be for multiple reason but shouldn’t be use for violent acts.

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“Gun Violence and Control”

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Gun control plays a major part in the youth today and many youths are dying for guns and youth killing youths. If gun supporters want gun violence to stop, they must stop trying to destroy the gun culture. There are more than 250 million guns in public circulation in the U.S. They cannot be wished away. Even if the U.S. government banned gun ownership and stopped all gun manufacturing and importation, it would still need to confiscate all those weapons.

Doing so would require wholesale violations of Fourth Amendment rights. The probability of getting rid of guns in America, therefore, is practically zero (Kohn 20-30). Guns are supposed to be used for protection and police should be the only ones who can have access to them. More guns do not necessarily mean more homicides. More gun laws do not necessarily mean less gun crime (Doherty 32-41). If you can get the community to listen and enforce these rules, then you can bring the gun violence down in the community. Once you start to change yours then others can change also. This simple point–that America is awash with more guns than ever before, yet we are killing each other with guns less than ever before–undermines the narrative that there is a straightforward, causal relationship between increased gun prevalence and gun homicide (Doherty 32-41).

Gun control advocates frequently mention the comparatively high amount of homicides committed with firearms and now as fact people want to help stricken up the gun control laws. The gun debate may not be entirely over, but shooters have an increasingly strong edge. Certainly, they should be aware of the foolishness going on in places such as San Francisco, and they might even consider a boycott of Pizza Hut, if that’s how they want to make their point. But more important than that, they should be actively engaged in promoting a better understanding of why violence occurs.

They should be seeking out programs that reduce it, leading the way in this good fight. That is how they can really win the gun debate (Kohn 20-30). Gun laws is a major discussion in the USA, with firearms used for a recreational purpose and for individual security. Gun rights proponents acknowledge the usage of firearms for self-protection and to discourage violent crimes as an understanding of why more gun can decrease crime. Many Americans not only believe in the right to carry concealed weapons, they believe more people carrying them would make the nation safer. A Gallup poll released in October 2015 found that 56 percent of those surveyed agreed that wider use of concealed carry would improve public safety(Allen 1-80). Gun right’s proponents say felons are more likely not to adapt to firearm laws, which it will make it harder for law-abiding citizens to access guns.

The gun prohibition lobby–it really is about banning the private ownership of firearms regardless what they say for public consumption–gets cover from a national media that even has adopted their deceptive vocabulary. No longer is this anti-rights lobby identified as a gun control movement, but routinely is labeled gun safety or gun reform by the press (Gottilieb 16-17). There is a strong knowledge and good result about gun violence which is within societies that have higher levels of gun control and gun violence. Gun violence is a constant trying to stop it and make it better is a solution for the community and society to fix. To truly tackle the gun violence epidemic, lawmakers must go further after the guns themselves.

Our polling also found that 54 percent of Americans want to see fewer guns in circulation, and 61 percent believe that guns should be harder to get (Volsky and Glaze A.15). To keep the gun violence in control if a person would want to get a gun or a gun permit there should a consecutive amount of class that should be taken. At least 22 states have pending bills to allow guns in schools and colleges. In Texas and other states, licensed gun owners can bring concealed handguns into classrooms, dorms and other parts of public university campuses. Oklahoma passed a law in 2015 allowing certain teachers and staff at K-12 schools to carry handguns in school if they undergo a training program (Hong N.P).

People should also have a general reason on why they should be able to carry or permit a gun. Each state should have the same gun laws instead of each state making their own laws of guns. According to the Pew survey, gun ownership rates are roughly equal in other areas of the country. The South has 36 percent gun owners, the Midwest has 32 percent, and the West has 31 percent (Allen 1-80). Gun laws shouldn’t change they should just be more dynamic and make guns much harder to get. Gun safety is a major impact to every community and if changes are going to be brought up it starts with the community first.

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