Gun Violence in Schools

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Guns Violence is a subject that has been brought to our attention due to media and political leaders. The problems still lays in our everyday life and the security of students is important. Whether it is correct for a teacher to have a weapon or not or having more security is what is being debated about. This a major issue within miles away from us. Gun Violence in schools can be prohibited by using mental health facilities, having officers properly trained and administrators establishing rules and regulations.

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“Gun Violence in Schools”

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One way to reduce to amount of gun violence in schools is by providing mental health services. In many situations, the person that obtains and uses the gun in a violent way has some sort has a mental health problem. Whether it be a voice telling them to do it or just because they truly do not see the harm they are doing, it can be completely prevented with a program or services of mental health. Due to media, we see it more often than it should happen especially near us. Most recently, there have been school shooting and threats in Universities such as Kennesaw State. The people involved had voices telling them to kill people which is not normal. Increasing access youth at risk and communities to proper mental health treatments can tremendously help (Examining School Safety and Gun Violence in America, 2014). If students do not find a sense of happiness at school, their mind can trigger violent actions. Schools are places connected to expectations of hope and refuge, friendship and romance, and when these expectations are not met, it can cost a life (Warnick, 2015).

Having officers fully trained will eliminate many gun violence incidents as a whole. In many cases, officers on school campus are not fully trained to know what to do in every situation. For example, Georgia officers are trained how to use tasers and pepper spray before reaching for a gun. Many school officers are not put in many situations handling guns. When a rare situation occurs, it is a panicking moment in what to do. At Georgia Tech University, an officer did not know how to handle the situation properly and shot at the student and died. The university officer had not completed Crisis Intervention Team training offered by the GBI (Stirgus, 2018). These situations could be prevented by taking the time and money to fully train all officers on duty at schools, malls, and more. If the schools officers demand the same respect and standards as police officers, why can’t they be held to the same accountability as them. School officers are to be treated legally as police officers, requiring them to follow commonly accepted standards of police conduct in investigating crime in schools (Price, 2009).

Gun Violence is not something a student should have to worry about going to school. Having that fear is a awful scare and can keep a student from focusing on his or her studies. This happens more often than it should and is closer to home each time. Sending your child to school should be a safe and welcoming environment to each individual. By training school officers, having mental health services and having school regulations, students can feel comfortable when attending classes. Big changes have to start somewhere and possibly Fulton county schools or universities can start making small advances.

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