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Effects of Bullying on the Victim

Schools are critical for individual development because they are the first place in which children receive formal learning. Schools provide them with basic knowledge and enable them to learn the skills they need to be successful in their lives. School environment greatly affects academic performance, and determines whether or not students make the most of […]

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How to Prevent Bullying

When a California teacher caught a class bully in the act of punching another student, she immediately sent the bully to the principal’s office. The bully’s punishment was a one-day suspension which he spent sitting in the school office, where other students could see him. The student learned his lesson and never bullied again, and […]

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How to Prevent Bullying

When a California teacher caught a class bully in the act of punching another student, she immediately sent the bully to the principal’s office. The bully’s punishment was a one-day suspension which he spent sitting in the school office, where other students could see him. The student learned his lesson and never bullied again, and […]

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Verbal Bullying

In a 2018 survey of 9,000 people ages 12 to 20, 10 percent said they were bullied each day and more than 50 percent said they were bullied at least once a month. ¨A bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker¨, according to The Google […]

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Examining what Reality TV is about

Examining Reality Television Have you ever stopped for a moment and realize how reality Television ruins you? reality TV is a big distraction; it degrades value and encourages unhealthy relationships. These are proven facts.in today’s society including myself reality TV has taken so much of our focus and attention and has impacted us in many […]

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Reasons why Physical Education should not be Compulsory?

‘To all Members, I take this opportunity to thank you for attending this important forum.  Today we are glad to celebrate our annual meeting. My main agenda at this podium is to address the issue on why it’s no longer necessary to have physical education in our curriculum. As we all know physical activities improve […]

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Issue of Suicide in 13 Reasons why

The new Netflix TV series “13 Reasons Why” became a popular hit as soon as it was released. Kids as young as the age of 12 started to tune in to watch this graphic series. The show is focused on a girl named Hannah Baker and how she made video tapes explaining to others how […]

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The Social Learning Theory (slt)

Abstract Albert Bandura was a pioneer in Social Learning Theory (SLT). Bandura believed that behavior is learned from the environment through Observational Learning and mediating processes between stimuli and responses. This paper will give us a better understanding regarding Social Learning Theory (SLT). Part 1 will be explaining the history of SLT. Describing the key […]

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Modern Cyberbullying Problem Solution

Bullying has become a significant issue, and the utilization of the web has recently aggravated it. Digital harassing is bullying done by utilizing innovation; it tends to be finished with PCs, telephones, and the greatest one web-based media. Kids should be taught on what to put and what not to put online to hold them […]

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Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Society

Social networking sites gives a stage where individuals can share their thoughts and encounters. It gives a chance to individuals all throughout the planet to associate and be essential for a worldwide local area where everybody’s voice can be heard. While there appear to be positive advantages that emerge from social media, those up-sides are […]

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Why Stop Bullying Persuasive Text

Bullying has become an enormous issue in faculties and in work. This has resulted in many folks making an attempt to induce wrid of bullying. However, there’s no act that may get wrid of bullying altogether. Bullying isn’t simply a drag in faculties. It’s a difficulty in most areas of life that takes a mix […]

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Cause of Bullying in School

Bullying events have been an interminable issue in schools and among young people. As Meyer-Adams and Conner (2008) affirm, “Bullying is proceeded with provocation however demonstrations of control towards someone else, either through physical or psychological mistreatment.” With the new mechanical turns of events, bullying should be possible on the web and through online media […]

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LGB/TGNC College Student Housing: Gender-Inclusive Housing and Traditional Dorms 

It is well established that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming (LGB/TGNC) individuals experience more negative mental health outcomes compared to heterosexual and cisgender counterparts (Lindquist, Livingston, Heck & Machek, 2017; McCarthy, Fishter, Irwin, Coleman & Pelster, 2015; Woodford, Han, Craig, Lim, & Matney, 2014; Grant et al., 2014) as well as higher risks […]

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Chronicles of the Evolution of the Main Characters in Films

One of the best, yet most mysterious elements of a movie are to see how the main character will evolve. Humans are naturally curious about all sorts of topics, especially supernatural ones. Chronicles, a cinematic film created in 2012, is a film based on supernatural phenomenon, and the humans battle between “good and evil.” In […]

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Character Education and Bullying Prevention

  Abstract This research is to investigate two strategies on themes of bullying in children’s literature. The investigator assessed perception, knowledge, and attitudes of bullying at the preschool level, and to identify the quality of children’s literature with a bullying theme. The reason is to see how useful a bullying theme would support character education […]

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The Experiences of the High School Bullied Students in Divine Life Institute of Cebu: a Phenomenological Study

  Abstract The study willed to discover the experiences of bullied high school students in Divine Life Institute of Cebu. This utilized a phenomenological research design on the respondents’ account on their experiences in bullying. The researchers make use of an interview with these students in order to have an in-depth information with a purposive […]

Pages: 13 Words: 3833 Topics: Bullying, Clinical Psychology, Cognition, High School, Positive Psychology


Abstract Sexual harassment is a worldwide issue in many firms, companies, and countries. The main cause for sexual harassment in the workplace is the firm culture, values, and motives. With a permissive and hostile work environment more negative expose is being welcomed into the working environment with ease. Once again, the firm culture is the […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1068 Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Sexism, Sexual Harassment
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