Essays on Globalization

Essay About Globalization

Globalization is defined by which businesses, people, or other operations erupt universal impacts or begin operating on an international scope. In other words, it displays the way countries and people of the world interact and integrate. Many things have become globalized as people come together and share the aspects that make up their own worlds and livelihoods. Both negative and positive effects play into how globalization affects the people on Earth.

Language is one of three significant aspects of globalization and how it affects the interactions of people. Language is the method of human communication that allows us to connect with each other no matter where we’re from. As it is important to be able to connect and communicate with one another it has had some negative impacts on today’s world and people as well. World languages and dialects have been lost over the years as colonization and more powerful, industrialized countries were able to force their languages on weaker and less industrialized countries. This resulted in a loss of culture the world will never gain back.

Culture is another significant part of how globalization interacts with people on earth. Culture is the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or social group. Cultural diversity allows people to share their cultural experiences and the way they live their lives with others ultimately creating a new social experience. This also produces individuals who are open-minded to things that are different than their own. Although the other side to this is it westernizes a world otherwise untouched, destroying ancient cultures in the process. Starting in the days of early colonization Western adventurers made a conscious effort to undermine the heritage of various nations around the world.

Immigration is the last topic of discussion on how globalization influences the interactions of people on Earth. Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. This allows people to run away from national destruction whether natural or political or even something as simple as getting a fresh start in a new place with new interactions that come with globalization. This allows them to learn a new language and culture as previously stated. Although a negative impact that can come with this is the loss of the origin and culture of that individual as they come to a new place and experience new things.

Globalization can have many impacts on the people in our world whether positive or negative, it allows us to come together. Globalization in language, culture, and immigration can help us learn from the bad and thrive from the good.

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