Social Media – Ruining your Physical and Mental Health

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Although many people want social media in our lives, it is actually hurting us mentally and physically. A lot of people like social media sites and stuff that people post on them to keep up with everybody and what the world is doing. Social media also causes people to be lazy and not want to work in the real world.

Cyberbullying can do a lot of harm to a person if they are cyberbullied during their life. People that do this kind of bullying do it on the internet, post mean stuff, and write bad things about a person. Sexting is also another form of cyberbullying even if it doesn't sound like it to you. (Webster) Also some teens make fake profiles and text another individual to get back at them through the internet and to embarrass them on social media. Cyberbullying is also a type of violence towards young people while they are growing up in their teenage years. If someone is bullied enough on social media it may lead to suicide, and it may also lead them to depression and some anxiety.

The signs of cyberbullying starts when someone is being bullied on the internet from random people and are targeted to be made fun of. If someone is experiencing being bullied on the internet then chances are they are not going to tell anybody and it is embarrassed talking about it. They are also probably scared of going to school because someone at his/her school is bullying them. They will also try to hide behind stuff so they won't be seen. they are scared someone is going to say something mean about them or embarrass them in front of everybody. Also if someone is being cyberbullied they probably have trouble sleeping at night thinking about what is going to happen next. (Evans)

There is also another problem on social media these days, and that would be the fake news that is being spread across the social media world. And the term fake news has taken on its own life, referring not only to untrue reports but being increasingly used to dismiss reports that the user does not wish to agree with. (NBC News) The Everyday we get on the internet we are looking at fake news and we don't even realize it. Some of the people who put this type of news on social media and the internet just want attention and to be looked at. Another thing is that when people see the news and stuff on websites, they automatically think its true, and start telling it to everybody. Then after that they find out it wasn't true they have just started a big rumor about something that is fake.

The next problem on social media is that there are too many people on it during the day and every night. When people are on the internet basically all day, they tend to get very lazy and don't want to do anything. Most people are on it when they are not doing anything at work, but they need to try and find something that needs to be done other than sitting on their phone all day. And also when people are on social media all day they get bored and find stuff to do on there like make fake profiles and bother people. Some of them like to post stuff on craigslist and stuff knowing that they don't have anything to sell. They are trying to see how much attention they can get from posting stuff on there.

In other words, people need to get and stay off social media more and start seeing the world around them and admiring it in their lifetime because one day they'll be away from this earth. They also need to stay off of it more so they can work at their jobs and get things done that mean something, instead of being lazy all the time.

All in all people would be better off to do away with social media, because it takes over some peoples' lives and they don't even know it. And they are also worried about who's going to post what and what is going to happen next.

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