Cyberbullying and Social Media

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Did you know that over 25% of teenagers have been bullied repeatedly through cell phones and the Internet? (by Cyber-bullying statistics).(ParaphrasingThis means that over the years teenagers get angry they have been in a suspicious situation in their lives that have been bullied at school and have a mental health in their self that they just can't control themselves that there are consequences like the depres ion Suicidal anxiety.What is cyberbullying? Bien cyberbullying It is the use of the Internet, email, instant messaging, phone calls or other electronic communications to harass or threaten others. Hurrying rumors (which are not true) to the other person on the Internet. We have to prevent children, and adults from always social media. Cyber-bullying is a known problem all over the world. It goes unnoticed as real bullying most of the time, cyber bullying can be very damaging, and sometimes even fatal. More and more people are standing up against it, but there's still a lot of cyber bullies out there.

As Charles E., ""Cyberbullying"". Sending abusive messages repeatedly over the Internet or using a mobile phone. The messages are often menacing in nature, and instill the fear that the stalking can move offline and in the real life of the target, even becoming a physical threat ""(P2).(Paraphrasing)Let's talk about the methods of cyberbullying, one of the reasons why teenagers are abusive in school or social media is due to thugs treats and although the person who is bulling the victim in social media becomes not ENT iend In that those words in social media for example in the message the harassed will tell the victim ""you're ugly, Pig, your eyes are bigger, ""something like that is affecting the victim and could make them think of suicide . Posting had pictures or video of someone, saying words that could damage the Person. In addition the majority of young agers adolescents suffer mental health problems when they are intimidated in social media because of friends in social media or at school will also increase feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and Eating habits, and Loos of interest in activities.

These issues may persist in Adulthood. However approximately around 4.400 Death per year was a suicide of a teenager. According to digital humans, ""The American Center for Disease Control. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. More than 14 percent of teenage students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have tried. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4.400 deaths from Year. "" (Paraphrasing)This means that most teenagers are praising suicide because of cyber-bullying, this is happening all the time and it's important because I want to tell the guys something I'll never say again about what happened to me he's been killing in Med IO, although high school I have b a victim of cyber-intimidated before in social media or in school just because I was a student of God, shy person, have friends who betray you and say words that could hurt my feelings or someone Talking on my back just because I was a quiet person, shy person, tell me you're so ugly, fat, I'll never kiss you, something like that and it really hurt my feeling, at one point I could bear it more and my self-esteem was so low That I've been thinking about suicide this kind of thing happened in my past that I don't want to talk to anybody Is Something I remember is in my head all the time.

Every Sunday I go to church and pray to God to give me a solution to live my life, and have fun, forget what happens to you and the focus of new things this is my goal In life, I'm still here. , I am alive, my mental health is good, I have been in therapist all the time, and now I understand something that the people who harass me will feel a pain in the same way that they treat me and I will never forget how I am a positive human being and I am a strong person who has dreams and goal that The real will come I finish college my life is beautiful, because I have my family with me, thanks mom Lilia, my father Carlos, my sister Karen for the support. I feel alive.

On the other hand, schools and parents can prevent cyberbullying from happening ActivitSchool. In the same way we have a very nice staff in the school as, we could trust and converse with our teachers, advisors, security, its principal etc....... Although teachers Might have a program call ""Stop the Violence"", this is the sign of students who could join their project to stop cyber-bullying , as for example we have problems with sexting, saying bad words online to hurt the other person, we have the abuse that the bully on the internet is using his sensuality to seduce the victim on the Internet, to intimidate the victim and hurt their Feeling Within. We also have violence in school, like fights in school such as where they were bullied into school raise your hand As The websites of the National Council for the Prevention of crimeITE the definition is,""Use of the Internet, cell phones, video games, systems or other technology to send or publish text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person?"" (2006, p. 152)(Paraphrasing This means that cyber bullying might be the limitation of using mobile phones or posting on the Internet photos of you naked or something like that and you have to avoid by not using the Internet, besides, you can go to the personal identification measure of the S VIC Timas and PU Blish Ching materials that could Damage His reputation forever.

In addition, we also have intimidation blocking application and what this means that many The thugs promoted many goals like seducing the victim to send photos that were imappropriated to send on their phones, and you're starting to wonder what could this affect the victim? Well this could affect your self-esteem and the thugs take the average to admit that they send their photos to the other guys and this is call sexting if not what is sexting As Christy Matte “By sending sexually explicit messages, photos or video through a cell phone, computer or any digital device. Sexting includes photos and videos that contain nudity or show or simulated sexual acts. It also includes text messages that shoot or propose sexual acts.

As adolescents and children social media, applications, and messaging, the risks they will send or receive sexually explicit content have become a concern for parents, teachers, and law enforcement. Sexting is often done as a joke, a way to get attention, or as a flirt. You need to discuss it so your child understands the risks and what to do when you are pressured to Participate ""(1).(Paraphrasing)

This means that When teenagers are sending unpropagated photos with their friends and this could affect their Sexuality as best in fact this could be one of the reasons or consequences your child is going to risk his life by sending photos to his friends and they intimidate him/her.

What is false identify? Not bad Falsehood identifies is the reputation of the victim, isolating the victim from Other. Predators You can pretend to be another teenager to attack a victim, but cyberbullies may also hides behind false profiles. According to the Education Week, ""Many states have passed laws against cyberbullying, and some of those laws They have allowed states to accuse students of crimes for online misconduct. In some cases, false profiles were configured using their victim's identity as a means to intimidate and taunt their victim ""(1). However, false profiles are also used in other ways. In Texas, a teenager committed suicide after Supposedly being Cyberbullied by pairs. The abuse included false profiles that Mostrabann his face placed on a picture of a pig. Of course, children's depredadoress have also been known to create false profiles to attract victims and groom them. And CNN showed How easy it is for a predator to attract unsuspecting children and teenagers by pretending to be a new friend. A teenage girl did not think of meeting with whom she thought was a child only a few years older. Instead, a meeting in a park took her to a grown man she didn't know and her father That he was furious. But false profiles have existed since the Internet began.

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