How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

The public opinions on whether birth control should be introduced in the schools are divided. The majority of those for birth control say that it will prevent teenage pregnancies. However, even those for contraceptives prefer that the parent consent is sought before children are allowed access to the contraceptives (Reed, 2014). The ones against the use of the methods argue that giving students sex education and contraceptives encourages them to have sexual intercourse. Instead, they advocate students be taught about morality and abstinence (Reed, 2014). The majority of the parents are for introduction of birth control methods in school, citing the need to control teen pregnancies.

As the teenage become more conscious of their body changes. The teenagers especially the tweens are in an identity crisis, they look for solutions in peers and celebrities in television and magazines (Reed, 2014). The teens also experience emotional changes. The tweens and teens start thinking like an adult and eventually decide to experiment sex with peers (trying new dimensions). In addition, peer-pressure may push the teen to have sex for acceptance among their peers.

The schools should address the emotional and cognitive changes in the teens. The approach to solving the issues is by offering sex education. The education will equip the teens with knowledge about the dangers of teenage sex and the control methods (Reed, 2014). The emotional development that also come into play would have the capacity to develop long-lasting, mutual, and healthy relationships, if they have the foundations for this development trust, positive past experiences, and an understanding of love, with understanding of their own feelings they can analyze why they feel a certain way (Huberman, RN, Med, 2016).

Society views it as a taboo for parents to talk to their children about sex (Reed, 2014). Such topics are discussed in hushed tones. However, the teens are well aware of sex and probably practicing it. Parents cannot therefore just be bystanders in the problem; they must play a role. The parents may play the role of a counselor. They should give advice concerning teenage pregnancy. Since one of the biggest issues’ parents deal with in terms of sex education is the fear that by educating their children, they will think it’s ok to engage in sexual acts. Abstinence would be the only guaranteed way of preventing transmissions of diseases and preventing pregnancy however, some find this misleading and harmful because teens often fail at remaining abstinent (Santelli, 2006). If parents don’t want the government and school to intervene then it is their job to make sure their children are well equipped to handle the world. If a parent fails to provide their children with this service, they aren’t doing anything to help our teen pregnancy problem and instead becoming a part of the problem.

In conclusion, the advocacy towards empowering the tweens and teens with knowledge about sex is increasing. Sex education and contraceptives may be the most effective methods for reducing teenage pregnancy. Education has proven time and time again to be the best way to go about handling sex.


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