Teenage Pregnancy in Today’s Society

Teens these days spend an astonishing amount of time on social media and watching television. Theses are highways to their perception of the now and what’s cool.and may times are misleading or can be detrimental. Something so innocent as a picture of themselves could ruin an entire day. These young easily swayed minds will focus on the one negative comment and ignore the fifty positive likes. ADD We can take a look at the Teen mom television series. The show demonstrates a lot of immature and negative family scenarios. There is constant arguing, lack of accepting responsibility as well as an overall immature mindset. One could also see the positive scenarios a teenager might focus on while engaged in the show, they become famous! The reality is this fame is short lived and many times becomes an unwelcome entourage.

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“Teenage Pregnancy in Today’s Society”

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According to the CDC, in 2016 the State of Arkansas ranked #1 when it comes to teenage pregnancy and across the US, hispanics lead with the African American ethnicity following closely behind. One thing to look at is the family orientation. If an individual comes from a loving, nurturing and supportive family one may think these individuals would be less likely to take such risky behaviors so lightly. Although open communication may be tough, it is the one way for a parent to know the information being given to their teen is accurate. Yes in today’s school sex education is taught, but how many teens really ask questions in front of a classroom full of peers? Parent have to explain that there are no 100% effective contraception methods and it is up to children whether to break their lives without bright future or not.

Intervention and proper educating offerings may assist in bringing awareness to these teenagers. If school offered proper sexuality education programs, it would assist teens along with many unfamiliar aspects of curiosity and also alleviate the awkward mom and dad conversations. Through being properly educated, we can help them to explore feelings, human development, dating, gender roles, sexual expectations and consequences, and safe sexual practices. In addition, teenagers need guidance when entering adulthood. So many choices made in their teen years affect who they become as an adult, college, friendships, pregnancy are only a few of the major facets.

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