Birth Control Methods aren’t Always Taught to Teens

Most teens do not know what contraceptive is or how does it work. Going to a community school, they are teaching teens to say no to sex because the outcome of the action they will receive if they are not protecting yourself. Educating teenagers about all the diseases they can catch while being unprotected. Preventing them from getting HIV and AIDS or getting a STIs. Teenager girls shall be obliged to have easy access to contraceptive to assist teens with undesired pregnancies, premenstrual syndrome along with having safe sex. Teenagers are feeling physical force starting in middle school going into high school. Sometimes teenagers are more focused on what the media has going on and trying to fit in with their friends instead of having a conversation with their parents or older siblings about relevant information. They tend to think that what they read off of the internet is right and really, it is not. Teens believe if everyone is doing fine they will do good. This does not only affect teenagers, but it affects society. Brody, Jane E. Contraception for Teenagers. The New York Times, The New York Times, 19 Feb. 2018,

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“Birth Control Methods aren’t Always Taught to Teens”

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The credibility in this source is discussing teen pregnancy that is happening entirely too much. Using protection to prevent diseases and young teenagers’ pregnancy. Abortions have a high rate because teenagers and even adults are not using contraception to protect themselves. Many still fail to use the most effective methods just because some people assume they will be ok without using it. The usefulness of this source is so that teenagers think more carefully before acting to things. Teenagers can get all the information they need about sexually transmitted diseases in their institution. In middle school, there is a health class that talks about avoiding teen pregnancy and making sure teens know how the cycle works. Schools will give out condoms for free to teenage boys and show them how it works. Teenagers who are not conscious about pregnancy prevention are the ones most likely to become pregnant than those that have been alerted about it. This article is for teenagers to see that there is so much help in this world to keep them themselves protected and not go through some hard situations at a young age. Brozan, Nadine. ISSUE AND DEBATE; ADOLESCENTS, PARENTS, AND BIRTH CONTROL. The New York Times, The New York Times, 8 Mar. 1982,

Nadine wrote this article from The Time’s print archive and was published online in 1996, Explaining adolescents which means a person in their puberty stage. Has a young teen being in your adulthood phase there is a lot to know about being in a safe zone spot without having kids at a young age. Most parents do have talks to their kids once they feel it is comfortable enough and appropriate age to talk. Parents should never avoid having a meaningful discussion. Having a daughter and letting them know different choices of birth control they may take or having a son and letting him know there are many ways to stay protected. Letting teenagers and parents know about the issues, and the debate they have about putting their kids on birth control or allowing their child put themselves on it. Most of the time minors visit the doctors only for check-ups, and when the doctor question them if they are sexually active they do not want to say yes because of their parents being in the room, some fear of what their parents will have to say about them. Parents will drive teenagers away from contraception but not from sexual relations that is increasing the risk of pregnancy. Teenagers can go to a clinic for counseling or even school counselors to get more information about getting on birth control and trying to figure out a way that teenagers can let their parents know without them getting upset. Preventing Teenagers from Getting Contraceptives Unless They Tell a Parent Puts Teens at Risk. American Civil Liberties Union, Aclu,

This article is relevant because today in every state teenager can get contraceptives to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies, but some federal laws want to take away teens’ ability to defend themselves. This will cause a lot of young teens to struggle because some teens mothers are not stable or having a support system. Most doctors are wanting parents to know about their child getting birth control. Even though teenagers tell a parent, it will not prevent teens from having sex. It will lead to a higher rate of unplanned pregnancies and abortions. If teenagers cannot get contraceptives on their own without telling a parent the numbers of pregnant teens will only increase. Birth control should always be accessible for teens because it will put themselves at a higher risk for disease and pregnancy without it. It will help more teenage girls be able to get their high school diploma instead of dropping out because they had a baby and cannot take care of the baby and go to school. Public schools should have a class about birth control because if teens are sexually active, they should have more information on how to be safe using it correctly when it comes to having sexual interactions.

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