Teenage Pregnancy Can be Prevented by Condoms

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Teenage pregnancy is a great issue in today's world which we as a society must come forth and solve this matter. Teens today get much more information about sexually transmitted diseases in school ed classes than they do about pregnancy prevention according to Dr. Philippa Gordon, a pediatrician in Brooklyn, N.Y (Brody). The issue I'm addressing is some supporters believe that condoms are effective and some supporters believe that condoms are ineffective. Some supporters believe that condoms help prevent teen pregnancy and transmitted disease. Some supporters also believe that condoms do not prevent teen pregnancy. I personally believe that condoms help prevent teen pregnancy even that condoms are not 100 percent accurate, but they're the safest procedure I know. I think the claim for the common ground for this issue would be both supporters want to prevent teen pregnancy so there should be more sex ed classes added to the schools.

Teenage pregnancy occurs high between age groups 15-19 year olds in high school, where Oklahoma is the top ten state. Where the race scale of pregnancy is highest to lowest from Latinos, African American, and last Whites. The problem is that teen pregnancy is major problem in America where young teenager lives began to collapse. We as a society must find the best solution to help solve teenage pregnancy in the United States.

Some supporters who support condoms are effective explains that using condoms are really easy to get and use because the come in different shapes and sizes while having sex. Also that condoms help prevent sexually transmitted disease and STD s both for male and female condoms. Next they can possible prevent abortion from occurring because some teens can't with stand a child at their current age. Dr. Davis L. Hill explains to parents Talking to kids about and even giving them condoms does not make them have sex any sooner. It does however, lower the chances you'll become a grandfather before you're ready (Brody). Also having condoms help prevent abortion amongst young teens who don't know how to take care of an infant. According to the CDC, condoms are 98 percent effective at preventing unintended pregnancies when used consistently and correctly (Barclay). Which means two percent of condoms will experience unexplained pregnancies which the effectiveness of condoms is working and should be encouraged more. Next the supporters believes that kids are going to have sex sooner or later so have condoms are always an availability. Also condoms act as a barrier that prevents semen from entering the vagina to stop pregnancy. If though some condoms fail to protect from diseases, it's from incorrect use rather than product failure.

Some supporters who believe condoms are ineffective explain that condoms are in consistent that they could tear or break out due to product failure. Also that condoms tend to interfere with sexual activity making sex not as joy-able. Study shows that the male condom, a thin sheath that slips over the penis, has a pregnancy rate of 18 percent. The female condom has a failure rate of 21 percent, comparable to that of withdrawal which has 22 percent failure rate (Brody). Some individuals who use condoms most likely to misuse it which causes unplanned pregnancies for the women. That some believe that having condoms sold in schools increase birth rate and it doesn't decrease sexual activity with students. A 2001 study of condom usage shows that women think that condoms slip or break more often than they actually do, and there seems to be an inconsistency in self- report of condom efficacy and actual protection (Maria). Overall condoms are ineffective because there are not 100 percent accurate from teen pregnancies, there's still a percent chance in condoms that don't work. Which is it really worth the risk?

Condoms used correctly can reduce sexually transmitted disease however, others believe the chance of having a misuse is not worth the risk. Both supporters share the goal of wanting unplanned pregnancy to be prevented from teens. So teens won't have to start abortions for the infants or drop out of school and become a single mom because they couldn't support for the child. I think both supporters of condoms effectiveness and ineffectiveness can reach a compromise of having sex ed classes and programs for teens in schools. As long as no condoms are being sold during the process. A professor named Dr. McCarthy concluded that the baby doesn't cause the problem, but the baby is an outgrowth of the girl's problem (Lewin). Further on he talks about having a baby or not is not a problem of poor educational effects of the individuals. To change these things I think both supporters would agree to improve the sex life of the young teen by staying in schooling and educating them about reproduction where they can be more educated and aware when having sex. Also that they support that teens are educated about sex before having any intercourse. Overall the only option that both supporters can agree on is applying sex programs to help prevent teen pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy is a major issue in today's era, but my solution I suggest should be that all high school have some sort of sex ed program classes where teens can be educated and informed when having safe sex with condoms are unsafe sex without condoms with partners. A study explained that Teenage pregnancy qualifies for some moral disapprobation Is a bad choice, for the parents, children and society. The principal; solutions to teen pregnancy lie in traditional policy areas: better sex education and greater available of contraception (Reeves). Some people believe that the true solution to teenage pregnancy is by advertisement of shaming pregnant, single, teen-parents by showing them that have a baby young is the end of your live. This may sound as a negative procedure but individuals believe that shaming is a good act for a healthier society. Also that it acts as a social standard for encouraging the right thing to do because of public peer pressure and guarding your own human rights. While other supports believe that Donald Trump's new administration teen pregnancy prevention program is help funding to decrease teen pregnancy by making teens take better sex choices. My final solution to ending teen pregnancy in the United states is that if the president and the federal government can help fund schools with sex ed programs where teens are already aware of the concept of sex. So whenever a teen wants to have sex with a condom or not it's he or she own individual choice of the consequences. We cannot prohibit condoms from teens or encourage them as a solution because both outcomes are negative from preventing teen pregnancy.

Overall teen pregnancy is a big issue in 2018 where majority of supporters believe that condom is an effective solution because it helps prevents sexually transmitted disease and STD s from being passed, they come in all different shapes and sizes, and there really cheap to buy for sex. Also majority believe condoms or ineffective due to chances of condoms being broken or teared, teens can misuse the condoms which can increase pregnancy, and that condom can interfere with sexual activity. But from looking at both views the best compromise that both supporters can reach as common goal to finally solve teen pregnancy is having president and government power to fund money for sex ed programs in high schools so teens can be more aware of their actions when having sex with a condom or not. What ideas can we also invent to help prevent teenage pregnancy in America?

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