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Cause of Childhood Obesity

In the article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, David Zinczenko, speaks on recent lawsuits filed against fast food companies for causing childhood obesity. He argues that children should not be blamed for their own weight gain. He feels that it’s necessary to sue these fast foods franchises for not informing consumers of health hazards. Why should […]

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Causes and Consequences of Childhood Obesity

In the US, the rate of Childhood obesity has been on a high rise over the past decades, and today. The United States is known to have some of the most cases of obesity in a child’s life. Obesity in children has more than doubled over the past few decades. It has been documented that […]

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The Causes and Effects of Youth Obesity

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “With a new day comes new strengths and new thoughts” ( “In 2010, scientific studies shown 45 million children had been diagnosed with obesity; averaging one in five kids” (Centers for disease and control prevention) (Bhadoria, Choundary, Kumar, Sahoo ,Sahoo, Sofi, 2015). Unfortunately, as the years progressed, childhood obesity has almost […]

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The Childhood Obesity Proposal

Introduction Wellbeing & Nutrients for Kids is a new upcoming event, which is aimed at parents, children, teachers and anyone working with kids to educate them about the growing numbers of chronic diseases which are developed by poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity. Due to living in fast paced environment and the easy […]

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Rising Youth Obesity Rates in America

 Rising Youth Obesity Rates in America and How to Lower them Chris Liberta Intro Childhood obesity is one of the biggest health risks of the 21st century. In 2014, the global number of overweight children under the age of 5 years was estimated to be over 42 million, 31 million of them living in developing […]

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Persuasive on Technology Regarding Obesity

Obesity seems to be an issue not only in the United States, but worldwide as well. There are many factors that play a role in obesity, including the food choices that people make as well as the use of technology. 65% of adults in the United States are either overweight or obese (Pellegrini, 2012). The […]

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Childhood Obesity has Become an Epidemic

Introduction Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States, it is defined as excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body and it is putting children at risk for poor physical and mental health. They say you are what you eat, and it truly reflects your image what you put inside your […]

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The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

America. This country has been called the land of the free and the home of the brave for many, many years. How amazing is it that this country even exists? Who would have thought people could rise up and defy such a big thing as total control? How fascinating would it have been to be […]

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Childhood Obesity School Based Interventions

Childhood obesity can be prevented in many ways. Parents are the main ones with a say so on obesity. They allow their children to digest all kinds of bad foods. Parents should introduce on a daily basis different kinds of healthy foods. They should also promote is by showing children how healthy food are good […]

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Annotated Bibliography: Childhood Obesity

Collier, Roger. ‘Liberal Trade Laws Linked to Obesity.’ Canadian Medical Association.Journal, vol. 186, no. 6, 2014, pp. 414. ProQuest, Summary: Roger Collier discusses how trade policies are a health issue, not just an economic issue. He tells us how obesity rates are higher were foreign investment is more welcome. Roger Collier says those with […]

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Childhood Obesity Cardiovascular Disease

Sedentary lives make up a big part of the number one killer worldwide. Unhealthy junk food can now be delivered to your house without the need to even get off the couch. People take cars everywhere, even to cover a distance that would take five minutes to walk. People avoid physical exercise at all costs, […]

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The Nursing Model and Childhood Obesity

Educating our youth and their parents will possibly help reverse some of the ill effects of obesity and poor diet choices.  Once parents have an understanding of the damage that diet is having on their children, maybe they will pass their new found knowledge and wisdom to their children in a loving, supporting fashion. As […]

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The Department of Health: Childhood Obesity

The Tennessee Department of Health is proposing the development of a coalition with a budget of $100,000 to address the high obesity levels of 10-17-year-old adolescents in four counties in East Tennessee: Claiborne, Grainger, Hancock, and Union. This coalition will use the funding to introduce opportunities for healthier environments within the four counties. The coalition […]

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Childhood Obesity in America

Obesity is extremely common in America. But not every racial group or socioeconomic status experiences it at the same rate. And what’s even more unfortunate is that not every group in America has access to or will end up with the same quality of treatment for obesity. While the disease has its genetic components, it […]

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Childhood Obesity a Big Fat Disaster

Introduction The enduring news about health care takeovers and acquisition, Affordable Care Act etc and a troublesome flu season can bury critical developments in public health. Entombed in these headlines is the far-reaching fact that childhood obesity is still on the rise in US. Obesity is a subdued public health threat, more dangerous even than […]

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You are what you Eat

  Abstract Unfortunately, 2.8 million people worldwide suffer from being obese (“World Health Organization,” 2018). In most cases, it starts at infancy followed into adulthood. Obesity is expected to increase worldwide by 2030 even in countries where obesity was historically low. On Guam, about 60% of mortalities are from bad diets lifestyle choices. Obesity rates […]

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How Obesity Affects our Body

Obesity is not just the weight on your body, but also the weight surrounding the heart. Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that can have negative effects on many systems in the body, such as, heart disease, CVD (Cardiovascular Disease), high blood pressure, increased risk for cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Infertility, Arthritis, breathing difficulties, […]

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The Impact of Food Marketing on Children

A study by the National Health Examination Survey (NHES) concluded that even after controlling variables such as race, prior obesity, and socio-economic status, among children aged twelve to seventeen, the prevalence of obesity increased by 2% for each additional hour of TV watched (Dietz & Gortmaker, 1985). Another study by Dietz and Gortmarker in the […]

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The Disease of our Century Obesity

A fat juicy burger, a side of crispy fries, and a creamy ice cream cone to finish it off – this is a common fast food meal at Mcdonald’s. This whole meal comes to a whopping total of just under five dollars, making it easy to feed a whole family. It is easy to turn […]

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The Number of Calories Consumed should not Exceed the Number of Calories Burned

When a person’s caloric intake is greater than the amount of calories burned, excess fat is stored. The abundance of this excess fat is what causes a person to be obese. Obesity is medically defined as a health condition in which the excess amount of fat starts to affect a person’s health and body conditions. […]

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Reasons why you Can Avoid Catching Obesity

3.1 Energy Imbalance In the past 30 years the obesity is increasing due people shifting to more refined foods and energy dense foods, increase inactive lifestyle like watching T.V, playing video games, computer, urban growth, industrial revolution so long hours sitting work, vehicle culture, economic upturn (Sahoo, K., Sahoo, B., Choudhury, Sofi, Kumar, & Bhadoria […]

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Why the Prevalence of Obesity has Skyrocketed

In modern times, the prevalence of obesity has risen dramatically as a result of a multitude of factors ranging from biological to the social. Evolution has contributed not only to the genetic factors influencing fatness, but also to societal norms that shape the culture surrounding food, nutrition, and weight. Obesity levels vary both intra- and […]

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Overview of the Healthcare Policy and Role in Nursing

An exact policy in the health field can allow one or an entire community to obtain specific goals and accolades. This health policy encompasses the decisions, plan and actions that are undertaken to reach the desired goals. This process defines a vision for the future and allows for the road map to achieve the targets […]

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Essay on Childhood Obesity

Over the previous decades, youth fatness has been at a constant increase. Youth chubbiness is an emerging issue in the United States. Everywhere you look, there are millions of advertisements for fast, and deep fried foods. This appeals to young minds because it tastes scrumptious. As young children, they do not generally think about how […]

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Childhood Obesity (health Promotion)

“We have laws against leaving a loaded weapon with our children, why should food be any different?” Daniel Weintraub says. Childhood obesity is not just about your kid being overweight, it is a serious problem caused by imbalance between calorie intake and calories utilized (Kluwer). Kids who are having excessive body fat are said to […]

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How to Deal with Childhood Obesity

Most children and teens have access to a tablet, smartphone, television, laptop or a video console. They are sitting around on-screen time more and more as the days go by. Research from the CDC states obesity has nearly doubled since the 1970s in the United States. It is estimated now that 20 percent of children […]

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Nutrition Guide for Toddlers

Introduction Choosing the right foods for your toddler is important. Healthy foods provide the energy and nutrients that young children need to grow. It is important to start healthy eating habits once your toddler begins eating solid food, especially since childhood obesity is an increasing problem. This program will help you better understand toddler nutrition. […]

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Healthy Eating at School

School cafeteria food that is offered to children is not always the best tasting food that has been made. Cafeteria workers have to follow a food pyramid that allows children to obtain recommend food choices and daily calorie intake. School meal planning is used for a healthy and positive influence on the choices of foods […]

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Type Two Diabetes Among Low

Worldwide, the United States is known for its large portion sizes, low activity levels, and most especially its fatty, greasy, American food that has foreigners dumbfounded. Overall, compared to Mexicans, U.S populations had greater intakes of saturated fat, sugar, dessert and salty snacks, pizza and French fries, low-fat meat and fish, high-fiber bread, and low-fat […]

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Childhood Obesity and my Entrepreneurial Idea

Abstract America is one of the countries in the world with the highest rates of childhood obesity. Various databases register over 13.7 million victims struggling with the health challenge. As a public health matter, various attempts have been made to help to stop or reduce the rising number of obese children. Notably, secondary and tertiary […]

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Essay About Childhood Obesity
One of the most demanding situations which have been identified for the United States is the trouble of youth obesity. Childhood obesity occurs when children are obese to the point of being unhealthy. The impact of obesity in kids plays a key role in self-assurance children. It is this age group that is commonly affected and usually correlates being obese with negative feelings. Overweight children could have experienced being bullied, having lower confidence/self-assurance in themselves and sometimes even experiencing severe depression. Furthermore, aside from the emotional impact, there are greater serious health-related problems affiliated with weight problems such as coronary heart sickness and juvenile diabetes. Childhood obesity needs to be monitored and changed from an early age to try and help kids live a healthier life.
For a while, the percentage of children in the US that were becoming clinically obese at a young age was steadily growing throughout the nation. The prevalence of obesity was 18.5% and affected about 13.7 million children and adolescents (CDC Childhood Obesity Facts). However, there have been schools across the US trying to prevent the presence of youth obesity. Some of the measures that are being taken at schools are to encompass the implementation of fitness programs at a more youthful age, the growth of bodily fitness in schools, and the mixing of a healthier lunch menu. These are just a handful of techniques taken to assist children to end up feeling/being healthier on an ordinary basis.
While faculties cannot manipulate the nutrition and meal alternatives that are to be had to children at home, they can regulate a healthier application for kids at some point in the school day. Schools can provide all the wholesome ingredients that they want; however, if the student is consuming junk food improperly at home and on weekends then the efforts to exchange their lifestyle for the better are diminished. Therefore, the wholesome food options, in addition to education, are essential to assist in fighting early life weight problems. Furthermore, increasing the quantity of physical activity that children/teens do on an everyday basis will also help with the war against weight problems in kids.
Being obese is not just about people deciding to be ‘lazy,’ there can be a few underlying factors. It has been medically validated that some genes can be handed down that ensure human beings being liable to now not dropping weight or not being capable of losing as much weight as they would like. No matter how healthful they eat, or how much they exercise, these human beings often do not achieve their desired results. There is a gene that may be passed down known as ADBR2 which breaks down the fat molecules that we eat/drink. Some people’s ADBR2 tiers are lower than others, and this makes shedding body fats to be extra challenging (International Journal of Obesity). Everyone is different and not everyone’s metabolism is equal, and that is essential to remember when looking at studies about obesity and how genetics, height, and weight play a part is to gain or lose weight, Not every food regimen is equal for everybody, people just need to discover what works for them and stick with it.
In conclusion, children are vulnerable to nutritional issues with little to no knowledge or support. Childhood obesity (and everyday obesity for that matter) should not be ignored in our society. Although this problem may seem inevitable, there are some alternatives which may be carried out. With monitoring and reinforcement, adolescent weight problems should be less of a problem in the near future. 

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