How to End Racial Profiling

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“All men are created equal,” is that just something we say, or is it something we actually believe? According to law that states, “United States that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” (Civil Rights Act of 1964) We shouldn't have a problem with racial profiling. So why is this problem becoming more relevant and common? Racial profiling is an ineffective and degrading practice that involves civil rights. With this topic comes gun violence, and the corruption of the justice system. While on the other hand some may say that racial profiling is necessary to counter terrorism and reduce crime. It’s not only “black” or african americans that are being the victims, but other races such as hispanic, and asians. Some are worried to leave their homes because they could be a target to the law, although they are entirely innocent. Through this you will see and begin to understand that racial profiling is becoming more common, can cause gun violence, and currups the justice system.

One challenge society is struggling with more and more is racial profiling. For some this may not even affect, while others face this problem everyday. This is becoming more common and being talked about in many households. According to the article By The Numbers, “Likelihood of being pulled over by police if black or Latino, as opposed to white is 2 times as likely.” This quote proves that nothing is changing, and that it’s even becoming more common. Because it’s happening to younger age people, it’s becoming recognized. And I feel if this continues then we really should place more laws about racial profiling. Another piece of evidence from Issue Overview: Racial Profiling, states that, “members of minority groups are disproportionately convicted and imprisoned.” This proves how even some are going as far as prison, even if innocent, just based on the color of they’re skin. As you see many people of a different race are struggling with the law, as if they always have a target on they’re back. Meanwhile nothing’s changed to lower numbers of wrongly convicted, due to race.

Racial profiling is getting so out of control that it is causing gun violence. And when gun violence is involved, it can lead to many deaths. “The leading cause of death among African Americans of both sexes between the ages of 15 and 34.” (R. Craig Sautter) This shows how it’s not just a problem with the law, but a problem with people owning guns. Because gun deaths are the highest cause of death among African American, I think there should be stricter laws in place to drop the numbers from being the number one reason of death, to the last. Many African Americans are shot and killed because of gun violence each day.

A final reason why racial profiling is such a big problem is because it currups the justice system. It's unfair to be treated differently based on your race. The justice system is there to make sure everyone is treated equally. “In a criminal justice system, these distinct agencies operate together under the rule of law and are the principal means of maintaining the rule of law within society.” ( This rule is about making people equal and having a better justice system that can protect the citizens. Everything Police do they need to follow the law, and respect the rules.

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