Advantages and Disadvantages of Racial Profiling

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Do you believe in racial profiling? Do you even know what it is? Racial profiling is suspecting a person of a specific race that’s observed of a racial or ethnic group rather than on an individual person. Everyone does it whether your purposely making fun of someone or stating a “fact” that you think is true. Racial profiling is bad because it violates a person’s individual rights, it makes a community feel unsafe, and it leads to other types of profiling.

Racial profiling is bad because it violates a person's individual rights. Racial profiling is just another act of discrimination. In the article “12 Racial Profiling Pros and Cons” it states, “When people can be stopped because of how they look instead of a violation or crime they have committed, then it restricts the rights of everyone at a core level.” As if looking at someone’s clothes or how they look and accusing them wrongfully for something that they didn’t do. When targeting people of color, it doesn't only humiliate them, but it frightens them. It also violates the U.S. Constitution’s core that not only promises equal protection but freedom from seizures and unreasonable searches.

Racial profiling is bad because it makes an entire community feel unsafe. Racial profiling blocks people from moving on with their daily lives, such as going outside to walk their dog, to get food or go shopping. In the article “This is why everyday racial profiling is so dangerous” it states, “This is everyday racial profiling -- and it doesn't just hurt the victims. It has an insidious ripple effect on the rest of society -- in business, health and public safety.” When racial profiling one person it affects their society around them. It makes them not want to go out and eventually not be themselves.

Racial profiling is bad because it can lead to other types of profiling. Such as religion, sexual preference and gender identity. In the article “12 Racial Profiling Pros and Cons” it states, “Religion, sexual preference, and gender identity are common forms of profiling that occur outside of racial profiling and this enhances all the negatives that such a practice brings to a community.” These types of racial profiling as stated are the common types of profiling that also go on along with racial profiling. When saying one little racist remark can lead to way bigger problem that you thought.

Racial profiling doesn’t do anyone any goods it leads to all bad things such as violation, making someone feel uncomfortable or making society feel uncomfortable. 64% of Americans say racists remarks every day. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, they may be drowning in their bed of tears. When everyone in the world is as large as life. 

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